The More Things Change – Thankful Thursday

This year has been really…difficult…is the best word I can think of. Maybe different? I don’t know, and I know that the year isn’t even really over yet. It just seems like it is at the moment.

I guess the only thing on my mind that I’m really grateful for-

No, just thought of another thing.


I hadn’t realized just how much I was appreciated at home-

That’s not quite right either.

I guess I hadn’t realized just how much I do at home, how much I contribute, until this past week. I’ve been sick and unable to do most everything I usually do. I was able to do laundry this week and that’s it. Barely I have it in me to do family history because my brain’s so fuzzy I don’t want to mess anything up.

I haven’t been able to do a lot during the last ten years or so, or at least that’s how it seemed to me until I got sick this week and couldn’t do much of anything. I hadn’t realized just how far I’d gotten until this moment when it comes to doing things.

So I’m grateful for perspective this week even if that perspective came from underneath a mound of blankets.

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Warmth Cuts Through – Thankful Thursday

This morning I am grateful for wood stoves and curtains because I am sick and both are keeping me (and my sister) nice and toasty warm.

(crawls back under her quilt by the dog)

Check out the original Thankful Thursday. (This week’s version might not be up for a few days or so as I am going to sleep and do laundry and precious little else today other than read.)

Even Asleep, I’m Tired

Lane sniffled and snuggled down into her blankest and robe, her cat sprawled across her lap and her computer a steady warmth as well.

Okay, Bunny wasn’t Lane’s cat, she was her roommate’s cat, but Bunny seemed to have claimed Lane as well, so it all worked out.

Whatever, she coudn’t bring herself to care about sementics when she was fighting a stupid low-grade fever again. High-grade fevers were easier to ignore for some reason. Low-grade fevers made her tired and sick in her own dreams as well as when she was awake, for some reason.

You’d think being some kind of mystical, reincarnated princess of magical power would exempt her from stupid things like this.

Purr Me To Sleep – One-Liner Wednesday

Nothing as soothing as the rumble of a cat’s purr directly outside of your ear.

When I was sick last my cat curled up right next to my ear (because I wouldn’t let her curl up on my chest, I kind of needed to breathe) and purred me into a nice nap.

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How do you take your life drink?

So let me get this straight,
How you are going to come along
And make my mind up for me?
Keep walking, man, I’ve got nothing to say,
Ending this ‘discussion’ is about all on my plate.
Not going to buy what you’re selling.
Now keep in mind
Or forget if you will,
That my life is my own, not yours.
So I’ve got my life ahead
That means I’ve got to plan.
I need to make decisions
Rreal or imagined.
Rarely will it run smooth
Even when my ducks are in a row.
Don’t let me forget my optimistic hope.
Shake well before opening
– instructions on a milkshake bottle.

This little thing, while over the 100 word limit, is as succinct as it would let me be. It was inspired by the prompt yesterday from Light and Shade Challenge. I have a bit of a cold, so though I know I usually write another when I don’t hit the word limit correctly, I likely won’t today. My bones are cold. It’s a very strange feeling and I don’t like it, but it’s what my cold is giving me at the moment.