Silence fills the room

Silence fills the room,

Or doesn’t.

She had’t known what to do and so had just continued on in her travels. Always alone and never finding a place where she-

There was a slap up against the side of her head.


She turned and glared at the interloper.

“What was that for?!”

“You were starting to excrete depressive waves into my zen zone.” was the calm reply.

“And that required you to slap me!”

“Yes, yes it did. You aren’t sending out depressive waves anymore. Anger waves aren’t much better, to be sure, but they aren’t quite as energy sapping as depressive waves.”

Written for a prompt that I cannot remember, but upon looking through my saved up drafts I found this. Figured I’d set it free.



Silence is not real,
Not in the terms of actual sound waves.
Not to me.
Silence is something else entirely.
It is when you are not speaking to someone,
When you see one another and you pretend that the other
Does not exist.
Silence is not just in speaking,
It is in actions and thoughts and-
It is more than we are aware of,
Because nothing is so simple in life.
Life is not meant to be simple,
It is meant to be complex and full of color.
Silence and sound are much the same.
There is sound
As long as there is something to be the medium.
There is no real silence,
But that does not mean that we cannot try to create it.
Silence is not natural,
It is completely man-made.
Silence, real silence, is only found among men.

Written partially because of the weekly challenge from Daily Post ( and partially because once I’d gotten the thought of silence in my head I had to keep writing this.

Also, been spending the day mostly with vertigo that shifts the world to the left more than it should and concentrating on writing anything else failed at every turn.