Death of Silence – Silly Snippet

Some of the best moments came when you are at home, alone with the silence.

(In the distance you can hear the ruckus of the geese decrying the new additions to the farm.)

Now if only this was one of those days.

We got pigs and while the goats seem fascinated with them, the geese are wondering, not politely or quietly, if we have lost our minds.


Dramatic Thoughts – Silly Snippet

Life was never going to be the same.

Carl smacked her.

“Ow! What was that for?”

“You were being dramatic.”


“You need to be less dramatic, even if only in your own head.”

“I can do whatever I want in my own head, thank you very much!”

Carl sighed and shook his head. “If you don’t start trying to be sensible now, then you’re never going to learn to stop posing dramatically when you’re walking down the street and I don’t think that posing like that is going to help you get a job as an adult.”

“How do you know? I could become an actress or an eccentric writer or something!”

“Shannon, you want to go into accounting, I don’t know why, but that’s where you want to work. You’ve only been talking about it since we were seven and we graduate high school next month.”

Shannon pretended not to hear him.

I’m not really sure where this little drabble came from…

Love Match – Silly Snippet

It was supposed to be a love match, but something, somewhere, went wrong. Maybe it was the difference in their stations in life? Maybe it was the clash of their personalities? Or the widely different priorities that they had? The strain between their two families?

Or maybe it was the fact that one of them was a dog and the other was a cat.

The world may never know.

I have no idea…

Smidgiest Smidgey – Silly Snippet

Getting a little too sleepy?

I…don’t remember where I was going with this.

Got to find a way to curb that laugh,

Going to give myself some mighty hiccups.

Letting everyone know about the smidgiest smidgey smidge

Even causing a few laughs out of others.

So going to remember this as a fond moment.

Yeah…I’m a little…out of it…

Parting of the Clouds – Silly Snippet

The clouds broke over the mountains and light spread across the valley in beautiful sweeping motions. It was the moment that songs are made of and that are reserved for dramatic moments in the movies, but this wasn’t a movie.

“Come back you cowards!”

A figure raced after the retreating clouds.

“This isn’t over!”

No, a movie would have included an explanation for the figure running, futilely, after the departing storm clouds.

This is most definitely not movie.