Scold the Lemonade

When you are tired or sick or lacking in oxygen (for one reason or another) you find yourself doing the silliest things.

When I was preparing biscuits for dinner the other night (to go along with a lovely soup that Mom had made, it was definitely soup weather) I was a little light-headed. (I haven’t been getting enough restful sleep at night and yesterday my lungs were a little tight for some reason.)

So I started to sing.

This in and of itself is not unusual in my family. There is always singing or humming or whistling or the playing of an instrument in this house (except at night when there had better be no playing of an instrument in the house).

It’s the song I was singing.

It was something about how the biscuits were baking and I couldn’t find the pink lemonade mix and had to fill up an old water jug to make the berry/pomegranate mix instead.

This song actually went on for something close to ten minutes where I also scolded the lemonade mix, in the song, for hiding from me.

Was a great afternoon for the light-headed.

Smidgiest Smidgey – Silly Snippet

Getting a little too sleepy?

I…don’t remember where I was going with this.

Got to find a way to curb that laugh,

Going to give myself some mighty hiccups.

Letting everyone know about the smidgiest smidgey smidge

Even causing a few laughs out of others.

So going to remember this as a fond moment.

Yeah…I’m a little…out of it…

One Voice, Many Speakers

She’s been beach combing for hours, hunting for unique shells along the tide line, putting dead ones in her bag, throwing the live ones back into the sea. As she turns to start her trek back, she stumbles over the sharp spires of a lightning whelk.

Whatever lived in the shell has vacated it, leaving an unobstructed view of the smooth, pink walls. Holding a hand against her left ear, she lifts the shell to her right, waiting to hear the rush of wind and water.

Instead, a voice emanates from the shell.

“Why are we doing this again?”

“Because we must find the Master!”

“But the Master left eons ago!”

“It was five minutes, FIVE MINUTES  YOU BLASTED-”

“Why are you guys always fighting?”

The voice continued to talk to itself in it’s tinny little voice, changing who was controlling the voice every sentence. She dropped the shell like a hot coal and like a hot coal that one has been holding for a while, her fingers refused to budge.

Great, now she was stuck with some kind of Dis-associative Identity Disorder Shell.

She hated going to the hospital to get weird things removed from her person. You’d think she’d have learned her lesson about picking things up in random places the last time she’d gone to the hospital to remove that marble she’d poked with her bare foot.

The first section is a prompt from Chaotically Yours, the second section is my continuation of the little story snippet. I’m very tired so this was the first thing to jump to my fingers and of course it’s a little silly.

Personal Pain – Day Twelve

noun: Pillow

verb: pain

Pain is a cushioned support.
There is a great selection of Pain:
Hypoallergenic Pain, Travel Pain, Body Pain, etc.
There is even an Official Pain,
The most Comfortable Pain that you can get fitted for!
Synthetic Pain can be found anywhere,
Especially if it is handcrafted.
You can share your pain with loved ones,
Keep it for use only in a car
Or even just keep it to yourself.
You can purchase pain for others if needed.
A pain is something that can be found universally,
Though they can be made of different materials.

Written for today’s NaPoWriMo prompt:

Also, in honor of my sister’s back which threw itself out again while she was at work. She works at a mattress store.