The Lion With The Lamb

image: Sissy and Usako, martha0stout's phone

image: Sissy and Usako, martha0stout’s phone

Pets will lie down
Even should they disagree
At what is allowed.
Cat loves to cuddle
Especially with a friend.

This little poem is for the revisit of Sreejit’s Dungeon Prompt: Peace. Also, my cat, Usako loves to cuddle. She’ll cuddle with anyone once she’s gotten used to you. Sissy’s like that too except Sissy doesn’t like fights at all. Usako will pick on my sister’s cat, Iris. This upsets Sissy and so she’ll go rushing over. She doesn’t bark or nip or anything, but a large animal showing up? That sends Usako scampering. They don’t always get along, my cat and my dog, but when they want to cuddle, they’re both at peace.

Who Needs a Lamb? I’ve Got a Dog.

As I look down at my dog, sleeping sprawled across the floor in perfect serenity, I wonder at this morning.

I haven’t been able to walk her since Monday (scraped up on my Achilles tendons makes it hard to wear shoes) and she decided she wanted a longer walk than my nephew has been able to give her.

It didn’t help that my eldest nephew accidentally left the door not closed all the way.

Nephew had a great big dog
Great big dog
Great big dog
Nephew had a great big dog
Friendly as can be!
She followed him to school one day
School one day
School one day
She followed him to school one day
Which was against the rules!
So Aunties had to hunt her down
Hunt her down
Hunt her down
Aunties had to hunt her down
Walking all the way.
They found her frolicking around
Frolicking around
Frolicking around
They found her frolicking around
Enjoying quite the day!

Some days that dog just makes me sick with worry. My sister found her playing in someone’s yard. I’m glad she had a good time but I’m even more glad that she was found.

Dog Walker – Thankful Thursday

Today I am grateful for my sister’s youngest boy. I haven’t been able to walk Sissy this past week due to sores on the back of my Achilles tendons. I can’t put shoes on even with band-aids and such on them. So my nephew has been walking Sissy in the morning before catching the school bus to start his day. That means that he’s been waking up a little earlier in order to walk her.

My eldest niece and nephew can’t walk Sissy because they leave before the sun even thinks about coming up and Sissy won’t walk that early. She likes her sleep just as much as the rest of us.

So today I’m grateful for my ten-year old nephew.

image: from martha0stout's phone

image: from martha0stout’s phone

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She watches on as feet end up pointing at the sky,
Laughter trying not to burst forth.
Inside she’s wondering just why
Pup’s the one to take the slide.

I just realized that though Sissy and I take walks in the icy morning she’s always the one to slip while me, the slow, lumbering woman with a cane and constant vertigo is just fine.

Sissy Resting – Thankful Thursday

image: martha0stout's phone, Sissy sleeping
image: martha0stout’s phone, Sissy sleeping

Today I am thankful for Sissy and her naps. She likes to snuggle up against you sometimes when she sleeps and she’s warm and soft.

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Sorry this is so short, but I wanted to get it in because I love doing this every Thursday.

Morning Walk – Thankful Thursday

It was a crisp morning, cold enough to encourage a swift walk and yet warm enough to not need that sweater. The two continued down the road, making sure to walk closer together whenever a car passed. There were precious few moments when words were needed and so they continued in companionable silence most of the way there and back again.

The young woman smiled down at the large dog trotting next to her, “I’m glad you’re here to take me on walks every morning.”

image: Sissy on a walk
image: Sissy on a walk

I’m grateful for my new walking buddy this week, for without her, I’d sit at home and read all day and get no exercise.

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This Summer’s Past – Thankful Thursday

It’s been an interesting summer, one that is both similar to ones in the past and yet very different as well. Am I sad to see it go? Not really. It was a beautiful time and it brought with it many new challenges as well as times of rest that were sorely needed, but it is time to move forward once more.

So this week, I am grateful for both the things that have happened through this last summer as well as the things that only started happening once the summer break was over, which include the following:

Summer school with my niece is over, just in time for regular school.

image: niece working on a worksheet I put together

Seeing the sky after a furious summer storm that included a huge amount of hale.

image: outside the front door and straight up
image: outside the front door and straight up

Learning how to squeeze on a twin mattress with a large dog during thunder storms.

image: Sissy on my bed
image: Sissy on my bed

Eagerly waiting for the kids to get home from school.

image: Sissy at the backdoor
image: Sissy at the backdoor

These are only a few things that have gone by and I’m sure you’ve noticed a large amount of them have our new dog Sissy in them. We only got her this last summer as well even though we’ve known her for a long time. She and the cats have slowly been learning to get along, another thing I’m grateful for.

I hope that this next year is as wonderful as the last one has been.

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