Safety in Death?

The ritual had worked, Comet was far from here and safe. Safe for the first time since long before the War had started. Their enemies would never find Star’s sister, not without Star or the Queen actively helping them and even then it was a long shot.

“Star, she is safe.”

Star nodded and bowed her head as her queen smiled tiredly at her before leaving the room.

She did not respond to anyone else as they spoke quietly both to her and around her before they, too, left for a well-deserved rest. The ritual they had used to both heal her sister and to send her away (because in order to heal her, they’d had to block her connections to those still here, and the only way to do that had been to send her away) had been a success.

Soon, Star was the only one left in the room. She didn’t bother looking around the room, just walked slowly towards the center where a cot had been placed. The cot was still warm from when her sister had been under the blankets and Star knelt by the cot and placed her hands in the blankets. She clutched them to her face and bowed her head. Silent tears began to soak into the fabric as her slender shoulders shook with the weight of her sobs.

She couldn’t feel her sister in her mind, in her very soul, anymore.

It was like she was dead in the worst possible way.

After all, even when their Queen had been dead, before she’d been brought back by the power of the Lunar Healing Crystal, they had still felt her presence within their hearts.

There wasn’t even that to indicate that Comet had ever existed. No torn threads, no aching apology for leaving them behind. Just…nothing…

Written for this week’s Dungeon Prompt:

Last Link

She looked down at the white envelope in her hands and turned it over once more. It was blank except for her sister’s name on the front an a simple line of words on the back.

Everything I could never tell you.

There was a letter inside, a letter that she had spent moments between preparing writing. This letter would likely be that last thing she could ever give her sister other than a chance for any kind of life. A letter that would be the last link between the two of them.

After today, Star would never see Comet again. She would never hear anything from her or about her. That was part of the price to pay.

“Are you ready?”

Star turned and met her Queen’s eyes and nodded with a solemn expression on her face. The letter was tendered over and the Queen took it without hesitation.

“Would you make sure that Comet…that she…” Star floundered with what to say.

She needn’t have worried. Her Queen already knew what lay within her heart in this matter.

“I will make certain of it. She shall receive this letter when she is able to read it and she will never lose it.”

“But her abilities will be sealed, how shall she keep it without fear of losing it?” Star asked even as she fell into step slightly behind her Queen.

There was a gentle smile, “Just because she cannot use them, not even subconsciously, does not mean that everything must be lost to her. She was born this way and nothing we can do will fully change that.”

They turned down a long hallway that ended in to a single audience chamber that held a few small circles of uniformed people. Men and women were in each circle, but the uniforms varied from the pant and shirt suit that Star herself wore to the skirt and shirt suit that some of the others wore. There was a lot of white in the coloring of those in skirts and a lot of black in those in pants.

In the middle of the circles was a young woman lying on the ground in hospital garb.

“It is time to begin.”

Written for this week’s FreeWriteFriday.

To Begin After An End

It had been so long since she’d seen her sister. In a way her sister was no longer the littler sister, but the bigger one simply because she had sealed her own abilities and allowed her body to grow at a more ‘natural’ rate. It wasn’t a natural rate for their kind, but it was a natural rate for the sentient life forms that they had grown up around.

Comet had always wanted a different life from the one they had been born to lead. Star had come to accept this and had mourned with her sister when it became apparent that Comet would never be able to do so.

That had all changed when the Final War, the Galactic War was over. Comet had been broken in a way that many did not survive. If the sisters had not been built the way that they had then it was likely that Comet would have lost her physical life and been nothing more than cosmic dust floating through the universe in several billion little pieces. But Comet hadn’t, she had survived even if she would never be able to completely live as the Guardian that she had been before the War.

Star had spent untold decades, maybe even centuries, looking for anything that might help her sister. She didn’t really pay all that much attention to how long it took her to find what little she could and then fashion the rest of the way by herself and what little any of the others could help with. In the end, it had taken too long in order to restore her sister to any kind of healthy state and nothing anyone said would convince her otherwise.

It would have gone perfectly, she would have had her sister back if there hadn’t been a sacrifice required at the end.

She would have to send her sister somewhere else. To a place where Star would never be allowed to go save for dire circumstances and even then it was a close call.

There was no decision to be made even with her Queen’s sad and gentle eyes looking down at her.

“If it will save Comet and allow her to actually live, my Queen, then there is no choice to be made.”

Written for last week’s FreeWriteFriday prompt as this is what came to mind.

This is an ongoing story written from different perspectives at different points so this isn’t the end unless you want it to be.

Their Lives For Mine

My family has a long history of people in the armed forces. My sister, my uncles, my cousins, my father, my grandfathers, my great-grandfathers.

My paternal grandfather once crossed a river twice in one night into and out of enemy territory by himself in order to rescue his unit. He was the youngest officer and one of the younger soldiers in that unit. They got everyone out.

My father flew in Vietnam and provided air support. He still doesn’t like to talk about it.

My mother’s brother is a former marine and at least two of my father’s brothers have served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

My sister was stationed in Germany with her husband and two children. After she left the army and had her third child, she was in the National Guard and went to drill every first weekend of the month. Her children were still learning how to walk unaided.

I read the news as often as I can and I know that many have suffered greatly not only in recent wars and attacks and bombings, but in natural disasters as well. Armed forces are sent to aid people caught up in this as well. They don’t just fight for us to be free, they rescue those that are in need of help against the forces of our very planet.

These people are not faceless and they continue to change our lives with everything they have.


Written a little over a week late for FreeWriteFriday.

True Beauty

Run around, make sure everything is picked up,

Get the dresses, get the tables, get the bows.

Take three different takes to get your eyes on,

End up not using the same colors for everything.

Are the dresses here?

Are they clean?

Do we have the arch and the aisle lined up just right?

Did you get the licence?

Did you get your shoes?

He gets suited up,

She slips her dress on,

Hair pressed just right.

Take her father’s arm for the last time.

Music starts,

Everyone stands up.

Try not to cry,

Cry anyway.

Do you take this man?

I do.

Do you take this woman?

I do.

My baby sister got married yesterday. Everyone woke up early and stayed late to clean up. We started at 7 and ended at 9. A few things went wrong, but they will never be remembered. All I will ever think of is how resplendent my sister looked with her hands in her husbands as they exchanged rings for the first and the last time. They were so beautiful together and so very happy in their first dance.