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Grey Day

The sky smears grey Different shades swirl about There is no light Not tinged with dark There is no joy Not tinged with pain   And yet…   The wind moves restlessly The air is calm The house stands still … Continue reading

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Average Guard Soldier

It had been a long time since she had heard from anyone and she often wondered if everything was going well in other parts of the Confederation of Systems. She was tired and parts of her ached in ways that … Continue reading

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She lay back and listened to the sounds around her. The whir of the fans, the sound of water turning on and off, the footsteps up and down the hall, voices from a television set and from her family. It … Continue reading

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Counting the Days – Day Three

One day, two days Lost in the haze. Three days, four days, Chocolate really pays. Six days, seven days, Almost out of Lays.   Eight, Nine, Ten, When will this be over again!? Eleven and Twelve, Misery further dwells. Thirteen … Continue reading

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