Far More Painful Than Yours!

A moment of frustration
Gone in a moment of adoration
Only to later reappear
Nodding in passing, then disappear
Yet the feelings remain, turning over and over again

I love my eldest nephew, but he’s just so frustrating! It doesn’t mean I love him any less, but I’m reminded sometimes of that song from “Into the Woods” where the princes sing of their pain about how they can never catch the girl they love. It helps to remind me that my frustrations with my nephew aren’t the important part in our lives.

Being a grown up is hard, because I know better and yet it’s still hard to work through. Knowing it’s possible to be better doesn’t necessarily make it easier. But it is worth it in the end.

Now to convince my frustrated emotions of that…

Which Way?

Can you imagine
A life without fear
A life spent wishing
That you were near?

Can you imagine
A life without pain
A life spent hoping
That you felt the same?

Can you imagine
A life without hate
A life spent wond’ring
If we’d been handed another fate

Can you imagine
A life done away
A life that’s not here
That’s never seen the day?

Because a life without
These things, so dark
Holding us down
Doesn’t help us grow
Because how can you know
Which way to fly
If you never know
Which way is the ground?

Don’t You Dare

Don’t let life defeat you

Don’t let it win

Don’t let it push you down

Don’t you dare give in


Despair will lure you in

Make you want to rest

Telling you there’s nothing left

So why not let go, it’s best


Convince you that hope’s a lie

Not to be listened to

That it will trick you, think you can fly

Only to drop you in a lake


But that’s just not true

No, not true at all

Hope is more than morning dew

Waiting melt away it all


Hope is the light that never goes out

That holds your hand

And leads you about

Through the darkness throughout the land


So don’t you dare

Don’t you dare give in

Don’t let Despair take you

Don’t you dare let the darkness win

Light a Spark

For myself I fight not
It’s not about me
Reality is what I make of it
Even when I want to flee
Can’t turn back now
Real life isn’t about
Accepting only my bow
Creating a better life
Keeping it going 
Even through strife
Reaching beyond to find something more and then picking it up for my children letting go the score.

Happy Fourth of July for those from America!

And a Happy Day to the rest!

Metal Pond

Looking out the window

I’m more than a mite surprised

Gleaming water stuns me

Bright and shiny in my eyes.

In just a moment

I learn I was wrong

The gleaming reflections I see

Are not water glinting sun

But rooftops angled

This way and that

To take in the sun

And stop the heat like that.

Houses for plants

To grow where they won’t

So that in the summertime

People can pick what they want.

Four greenhouses (that aren’t green at all) were built just before we moved in to our new house. With the sun gone down and just a little light reflecting off of their rooftops I thought there was a random pond at the end of the street for a moment.

Anyone Can Be A Hero

Just one person

Is all it takes

Just one person

Can raise the stakes

I’m lonely

And scare

And so very alone

I’m just one person

Out on my own

I look around

Life goes on and on

I never stop

When I see someone

Needing a shoulder to cry on

Too many will look around

See everyone else

Standing there

And think,

“Someone else

Will take care of this.”

Didn’t even know

What I was going to do

I was so confused

Felt I was stuck in glue

No one should have to stand

All alone

When facing the stand

So I stand beside them

Courage shared between strangers

Just one person

Is all it takes

Just one person

To even out the stakes

Not Alone

I fell…
It wasn’t sudden,
I could feel it coming.
But I tried,
Oh how I tried!
To keep standing.
It didn’t work…
Or rather,
It only worked a little.
My legs gave out
And my arms grasped what was close
Staying up was anything but a coast.
Then arms wrapped around me
Lifted me up
And in safe arms I didn’t have to gulp.