Temporary Release

Star smiled slightly, “It is very cathartic working things out this way.”

Solaris laughed, her face lighting up in a way that hadn’t been seen since before the war had started. The worry about her citizens and her Guardian were ever present in her countenance even after the war had concluded.

“My dear Star,” the woman called from across the chasm between them, her voice still easily heard by her opponent, “Throwing large amount of firepower at one another, especially when you’re far enough from anyone else to have those actions be risky!”

Star didn’t even pause as she launched a ray of pure light, UV rays and all, completely unfiltered, at her queen. Solaris didn’t bother dodging, accepting the energy behind the attack and absorbing it before releasing her own attack back and then dodging out of the way for any return fire.

Star wouldn’t have worried about the attack had it been like her own, pure energy focused, but it wasn’t. No, it had been a…

Well is was one of Solaris’s arrows, but not one of her normal ones, no, this one had been fortified and changed.

Star dodged.

And the arrow followed.

Star didn’t waste the time calling out to her queen, but she could hear Solaris’s reply anyway.

“Double Jeopardy, Star.” Solaris’s voice whispered as Star began to work out her frustrations anew on the Arrow.

Star didn’t lose the smile on her face. She hadn’t felt as free of her anger and fear in…

She didn’t bother figuring the answer to that out as she continued to take out her emotions on the almost Living Arrow that was her real opponent.

This wouldn’t last forever. They’d have to go back to the rest of the world soon enough, but for now, Star was free.

Written for this week’s Three Word Wednesday prompt: http://www.threewordwednesday.com/2014/06/3ww-ccclxxiv.html