They say that home is where the heart is.

As far as she’s concerned that sounds like a complete load of-


It’s the truth.

Even when they wandered underneath the cold and impersonal light of day on a planet so far from their place of creation they had been home because they had been together and had an actual purpose. Not that they had both been together and away from their solar system at the same time often. Not once the Royal Children had been born, at least.

Comet had always been really good with the smallest of children while she, Star, had been a lot better with children that were five and older. Comet liked to tease that it was because Star was young at heart (and in her mind) but not quite at the completely-needing-someone-to-take-care-of-every-little-thing stage like most toddlers and under were. Star didn’t bother retaliating that Comet was better with the smaller children because both sisters knew that it had been Comet’s desire to have children of her own for well over a millennia.

So now that her sister is gone.

Not dead, because there was this really annoying (wonderfulpainfulnecessary) thing where those in their ‘line of work’ were able to come back (somehow) from death.

No she was just gone.

And never coming back.

So Star would never be home again no matter how hard she worked, how long she lived or what her purpose was.

Star was homeless.

Doesn’t Fix Everything

Because love doesn’t fix everything and that’s okay, too. —anonymous


It had started simple. He’d just wanted to learn more about why they were even running around for so long. It’s not like he’d been born and then left to wander the same way that his cousins were and he hadn’t been sealed away like his father had been. One moment he hadn’t been there and then he was. He had no idea where he’d come from and if it hadn’t been for the DNA testing done by Amy then he’d have never even realized that the angry blonde they’d had skirmishes with was even his father.

The point was that Neal was curious about his own place in their group and where he had even come from. It’s not like Jade had anyone that he was lovey-dovey with from the other side so whoever Neal’s other parent was, was a mystery.

He never expected to find out what he did.

While he never did find out who his own mother was, he found something different. Something about Star and Comet, about where they had come from.

They were both what they fought.

The Chaos-souled.

How he found out didn’t end up being something that he shared with anyone. In fact, he was extra secretive about it as if the source would make everyone doubt the validity of the information he’d found. And they would have questioned it, would have likely not done the follow-up to discover the truth.

Star and Comet are Chaos-souled, the very things that they fight and kill and destroy.

(Because killing something doesn’t destroy it, merely set it aside for however long it takes to reform again.)

All of the love and care that their companions had for them did not change this fact nor did it tell them how to handle this horrible truth.

Wait For It…

It didn’t seem to matter how long something took to happen, the point was that it happened. You just had to wait for it.

Of course, that wasn’t all of it. Oh no, that would be too easy.

What you had to do was to prepare and prepare and prepare and be ready to jump at faster than an instant’s notice, but to then spend an eternity waiting for that instant to happen.

The hardest part wasn’t always the waiting, because as long as you were ready then the waiting wasn’t too bad. Plus, there were lots of things to do during the waiting time. You could read or write or draw or play games or even just rest.

No, the hardest part was staying ready while you were waiting. It was difficult, it was annoying and, more than everything else put together, it was just plain exhausting.

It was trying to remain focused while also resting in a way that let your mind wander. It wasn’t something that could stay indefinitely, but it was expected to stay like that while you waited, no matter how long you waited.

Of course, chasing around someone who was on a constant sugar high while you were waiting (especially when they were supposed to be the more ‘mature one’ or whatever) made the waiting even more difficult.

Sometimes, he thought to himself as he watched his female counterpart pounce all over the room at the speed of light (literally), It just isn’t worth getting up in the morning.

And yes, she wasn’t bouncing, she was definitely pouncing. What was she pouncing? The little flecks of dust illuminated in the beams of sunlight.

Why did I think this was a good idea again?

This little snippet was inspired by the Dungeon Prompt: Myth Making and it is supposed to be about Star and Illusion Master who are from my Former Guardian universe. There would have been more to the story, explaining what they were waiting for but my brain is a little dead at the moment and not awake enough to think about this snippet much longer. My apologies.

But yes, most of my life has been ‘hurry up, get ready now wait for it…’

Cold From Lack of Stars

It was cold.

Of course it was cold. They were in the middle of the New York City during one of the worst winters on record, of course it was cold!

The point was that they actually felt cold.

Maybe it was the fact that for the first time, they couldn’t see any stars shining through the thick pollution clouding the sky. It wasn’t just the smog coming from all the cars or even from the smoke stacks. It was the light pollution that stunned them.

Maybe this industrial revolution that the former colonies (as they had heard the new country referred to) wasn’t going to be as great as people seemed to think. They certainly didn’t understand much about what was happening, just that they couldn’t see the stars while staying in any of the major cities anymore.

Maybe it was time to see what life was like out West, they’d heard that it was always warm out there and if they could see the stars out at night then they wouldn’t feel so small and cut off from the rest of the world.

They wouldn’t be so cold.

Easy Way

“What’s the point of being king if you can’t kill a man or two?”

“That wouldn’t be justice.”

“It would be a lot simpler.”
—from a fanfiction

There is nothing simple about killing.

This was something that Star had learned when she was very young, before she had even realized that the people around her were even people.

Maybe it was during one of the wars in Europe, or the skirmishes and battles that littered the different chains of islands around the world. Maybe it was during the Great War or World War II or even the hundreds of little wars that littered the half century afterwards. She didn’t know, just that it had happened.

“Killing isn’t as easy as you seem to think it is, brother.”

He sneered up at her, “I don’t know, cousin,” His words were pointed, more so at the end, “All I had to do was exceed the maximum energy capacity of their little minds, something that is all to easy to do if you have the right tools.”

Star did not rise to his bait, though a desperate part of her wanted nothing more than to sink her fist into his already bruised face.

“I’ll show you maximum capacity!” the darker part of her snarled.

But she didn’t let it. Didn’t let the words or actions or emotions do more than fester in a corner of her mind. She hadn’t given in to that voice in well over a century. Not even during the worst parts of the Galactic War had she fully unleashed the part of her that had wanted to unleash the dark horrors of what she had seen.

“The Queen will speak with you once you’ve been properly booked into the cells within the Palace.”

She nodded towards the guardsmen that had accompanied her once they’d learned that her cousin

(Not her brother. Not anymore.)

-had been captured. He’d been restrained well enough that his abilities would not be a problem. Star didn’t bother to double check the restraints that encased his slim wrists and ankles or the circlet around his throat. They hadn’t needed to place one on his brow.

Her cousin had sacrificed his mindscape all on his own and now no longer was able to use the mind abilities that he had been born with.

“Was it worth it, brother? Was it worth it to try and achieve your warped sense of ‘justice’?” her chaotic soul whispered with glee, “Was it worth it to sacrifice so much and still fail!”

It’s the Little Moments – SoC

In the beginning there was darkness.

And then there was light.

Slowly, but surely there was order ascribed to the chaos that had existed before.

Because nothing can be made from nothing. Everything had to come from something even if that something was not understandable in a way that those that would come after could comprehend.

“Is this going anywhere?”

“Hush, I’m trying to teach something to our charges.”

“This sounds like it’s going over the head of a bunch of two-year-olds and a five month baby.”

“Comet, you are ruining the mood! I was going for seriousness here!”

“Sister, they fell asleep before you started…”

“That is hardly the most important point!”

The two, eons old though they may be, continued their argument as quietly as possible lest they wake the children they were watching.

This little bit was inspired by this weekend’s Stream of Consciousness prompt and a little bit about what life was like before the Galactic War.

No Envy In Her Eyes

Star did not envy her sister even as she watched from afar. This was the life that Star had chosen just as this was the life that her sister had chosen. What worked for one half of their once whole did not work for the remaining part.

They were very different and not just in their choices.

Star didn’t need to be close enough to see the careworn look on her sister’s face nor the wrinkles acquired through laughter and sorrow. Her own face was line-free and as smooth as if she was going through puberty for the first time, though without the curse of blemishes that many teenagers lamented over. Her hair was bright, thick and full while her sister’s was thinning slightly and going grey at the temples.

The biggest difference about her sister was the joy in her face and the light in her eyes. Star smiled her own, though it was wistful.

She had no way of knowing that her sister would change so drastically when she left at the end of the day. Star didn’t know that in the weeks to come her sister would have to file for divorce and separate from her husband. She wouldn’t know that this was a facade to protect her sister and her nephews. Star didn’t know that her sister’s husband (the divorce was never supposed to be finalized in their scheme to protect their sons) would die in the following months because of corporate corruption and crime.

It was just as well that Star didn’t know any of this or she would have never left and a greater harm would have found her sister’s family.

This was inspired by the Light and Shade Challenge for this last week.

Envy can be a positive motivator. Let it inspire you to work harder for what you want.
Robert Bringle

Blending In My Soul

She could feel It sometimes at the back of her mind, clawing and trying to get a better grip on her. Star didn’t bother paying it too much attention because that was what It wanted. The more attention she gave it, the more it could do with her and she wasn’t going to allow It anything more than what she needed from It.

“I don’t need anything from you.” she whispers sometimes when there’s no one else around.

“Then why am I here?” It rasps back from the darkest corners of her soul.

Star doesn’t answer back. She knows that this is how her brother fell. He answered It and kept answering It whenever it spoke.

That was the problem with It, if you gave it too much attention then It started getting stronger, but you couldn’t ignore It completely either.

There was no happy medium because every single day was give and take and you never knew just how much It was going to give or take.

That didn’t mean she was going to give up and give in to It.

She wasn’t going to lose any more than she already had to It It had taken and taken and taken, what It gave back was never something she wanted to keep, but parts of It had wormed into her soul just the same.

Likely  because she was Chaos-souled and little bits of It blended right in.

Star didn’t close her eyes as she stepped out of the darkness and into the light no matter how much the brightness burned at her eyes.


image: from martha0stout’s phone


Inspired by the redo for Sreejit’s Dungeon Prompt: Good, Evil and the Rules that You Live By. Check out his own response It Takes Two.

Stratosphere Contemplations

She gazed below as the ground continued to move underneath her. She was high up in the atmosphere, mostly in the outer reaches of the Earth’s gravitational pull and yet still close enough to see as the planet turned.

‘It is so beautiful. I can see why my queen would do everything she could to protect this place.’

It was a view that she had seen millions of times throughout her life and it was likely that it would continue to be one that she sought during those times when she wanted to be alone. There were very few that could reach this height and not require some kind of equipment to either give them air or hold their position. She did both effortlessly and without much thought.

This wasn’t the first time she had sought this refuge since her sister was sent away and it wouldn’t be the last time either, but each time she came here, she was less melancholy and less prone to depression.

This was a very good thing. For someone with her abilities and responsibilities falling into a depression wasn’t just disastrous for herself, but for millions of other lives that not only depended on her to defend them, but for the generations that would come after. When someone, anyone fell into depression they lost track of time. She couldn’t afford to do something like that when what were months or years to others were centuries to her.

‘Maybe I should go on a short tour of our galactic region as Solaris has suggested. It would do me good to be away from the last place my sister and I were together on.’

With her mind made up, Star gave one last look down at the mountain range below before jetting off through the atmosphere back to her queen’s current abode.

image: courtesy of Wikipedia Commons taken by Bjoertvedt and used under the Creative Commons Agreement


Inspired by the current Light and Shade Challenge.

Merciful Coward

It wasn’t something that she had done. No, it was never something she had done. It was always the opposite.

It was what she hadn’t done.

What she had allowed others to do.

All because she was weak.

There were those that said differently, that said what she had allowed to happen was a kindness, was mercy.

“You could have sunk to his level, ma’am, if you had killed him.”

“You granted him the mercy that he did not grant others.”

“You are more forgiving than many.”

What they did not realize was that there had been no mercy in her heart, no forgiveness that had stayed her hand.

It was cowardice, pure and simple.

She’d never been alone, not truly alone, as she’d always had her other half with her. Even if they were on opposite sides of the globe she would still hear and feel her other half in the back of her head.

Her other half was gone now, sent away to give her a chance at finding more than just her life, but her very sanity.

She could no longer hear her in the back of her mind, could not longer feel whether or not she was happy or even still lived.

And so when her cousin, the one who was her brother almost in spirit if not in blood, had knelt before her, hands chained behind his back and a defiant look upon his face and bruises scattered about his frame, her hand froze.

Instead, she had him banished and his abilities locked.

But though she was older than most empires and countries and the written memory of mankind, even she was not omnipotent nor all-powerful. Her abilities, while stronger than his, were not as tricky.

It wouldn’t be until much, much later that she learned that he had found a way around the binding. The fullest parts of his abilities were still out of his reach, but he had enough to cause more than just mischief.

One of the things he had been partially successful in undoing was the runes that would bring him to her or her to him. She would still be able to find him, but it would be a hunt across space, time and the dimensions throughout them.

“I didn’t spare him because of mercy or forgiveness.” she would whisper to the night sky, “I left him alive, because like me, it is hard for him to die and I did not want to be the last of our kind.”

Inspired by this week’s quote from Light and Shade Challenge.

Every man is guilty of all the good he didn’t do. –Voltaire