Sunday Morning Stillness

The air is still,
No worries here.
Rest and watch
The sun heat,
The sky blue
The wind still.
And yet…
There’s so much more here.
Tall grass rustles:
Cats stalk through,
Dogs following, curious,
Snakes moving to get away…
Ducks quack,
And birds chirp,
Don’t let the whistle fade.
Flowers grow,
Their scents sublime
And yet I want you to be mine.
image: from martha0stout's phone

image: from martha0stout’s phone

Not written for any specific prompt, just a little something about this morning around the house. The picture is my cat, Usako, finding my eldest niece’s paper flower and checking it out. She’s a curious little thing who also likes to ambush people

Spinning in Stillness

I wish the world would stop.

Stop twisting and writhing on the spot.

Spot me a dry piece of toast?

Toast is certainly what my brain feels like.

Like my world is spinning~

Spinning around and around like a top.

Top of my head?

Head on out please?

Please let this go away.

Away now shall go I?

Written because it feels like I’ve been spinning in place all day long even as I try to hold very still to ease some of it…