Sad and Hopeful

She looked at him, kneeling in front of her, tears in his eyes as he begged her to stay, “We’ll figure it out.”

She shook her head, one hand over her mouth to hide the trembling of her chin.

She said nothing as he hugged her legs to his chest while he buried his face in her knees and cried.

The pregnancy test lay on the counter with a little positive sign on it.

He was sterile.

She’d never been with anyone else.


He’d met heroes, and been accused of being one himself. –unknown


It was insulting, is what it was. Calling him that! It’s not like he’d done anything that was particularly special, anyone would have done the same thing.

All he’d done was stick up for someone, just because sticking up for them happened to include defending their life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness did not in any way make him a hero.

It just made him a good man who was willing to do something about it.

Not My Call – Story Snippet

She held the little life in her hands, desperately hoping that anything she was doing was helping it to live just a little longer.

“Just a little longer,” she muttered as she cleaned and bandaged what she could, trying to clear the airways in the nostrils for more air, “Don’t die on me, please don’t die on me.”

A tiny heartbeat fluttered as rasping sounds were heard though they too were almost silent.

Hands worked as quickly and gently as possible and heads were bowed in prayer.

This is one more little life that she is not going to lose.

But in the end, she knows that this isn’t her call to make.

Raining Inside

It was never intended to go like this.

Lights flashed and horns honked. The sounds of people surging up all around you almost drown out the breaking of a heart.

But not quite, because nothing can drown out what you hear from your own chest as he turns and walks away for the final time.

He was never one to do things lightly and you knew that when you went into this. You’d thought that your eyes had been wide open.

Just like you thought that he’d stay.

I guess you got a lot of things wrong with this one. Like letting some guy into your heart when you knew better. Just because he’d been so different from every other boy that you’d ever met. Just because he’d actually stood up for against friends and family, people that had been in his life long before you. Just because he’d been understanding without being a pushover.

Just because he was everything that you wanted and you were everything that he had wanted.

Well, thought he’d wanted.

Obviously you weren’t really what he’d wanted.

Or, at least you’re not what he wants now.

So your heart is broken and he’s long since walked away.

The sky is clear, the sun is up, everything looks beautiful and bright and hopeful.

If only it wasn’t raining in your heart.

It Starts Slowly – Snippet

“Hold onto me!”

“I’m doing the best I can!”

“Well, it’s not good enough!”

He leaned back against the canyon wall as the pair of rock climbers continued to argue above him. Neither was in any kind of danger nor were they particularly upset with one another. They just seemed to enjoy arguing about every little thing.

It irritated him.

These people just going about wherever they wanted to go without any care or regard for the natural order of things.

It wasn’t natural for people to be hanging off the side of a canyon, being held up by a collection of ropes and hooks. They certainly shouldn’t have time or energy to bicker back and forth at each so often, as if this was nothing more than a game to them.

(He doesn’t realize that his hand is slowly glowing with an absence of light with every negative thought or complain he has about the people above him.)

Not-So-Different Reality – Snippet

Love hurts, love scars.


Every time she turned to look at her husband, his heart cried. He never let it show on his face.

That was the trouble with going to alternate realities. You find that your wife is married to someone else.

Even if that someone else is wearing your own face.

I don’t know where-

Okay. I totally know where this came from. I will deny it to anyone who asks, though.