Sunglasses – Thankful Thursday

I loved the sun as a child. My eyes were one of the few in my family that grew accustomed to the brightness level of wherever I was. I enjoyed the coolness of the shade and the way shadows disappeared, but tht e was always something about the sun that I just loved. Maybe it was the flowers and the fruit that grew in my backyard. Without the sun (all right, and the rain, which I also loved) there wouldn’t have been the plentiful amount of berries or apples that were always ready to eat.

But I absolutely adored the way the sun caused my shadow to follow me around all over the place (so long as I avoided any shade, that is.) My neighbors had a driveway that went up a hill rather than down into like mine and whenever the sun was setting My shadow was able to play along right me as the same size.

Now that I’m an adult, however, and with health like mine (migraines all the time) the sun isn’t as much my friend. So I am grateful for sunglasses because they allow me to return to the joy of my youth with the sun without having to worry about that lovely brightness stabbing me in the face. My shadow isn’t quite as fast anymore, but is still a wonderful companion.

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