Bright and Chilly Morning – Wordless Wednesday


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Look in Her Eyes

It wasn’t easy to find, certainly wasn’t easy to procure, but once he’d seen it, he knew that it was the one. He’d planned the date perfectly, stroll through some nearby trees, picnic on a hill during a sunrise (her favorite time of day besides the stars after sunset) now all he had to do was pop the question.

He was nervous that was for sure. What if she didn’t say yes? What if she did say yes?

He needn’t have worried. The look in her eyes and tremulous smile on her lips told him all he needed to know.

Written for today’s Light and Shade Friday challenge:

Sunrise – #8 poetry prompt

Many days you will begin
Only you can know whether it will end.
Reality likes to come and scream
Never will I give up on my team.
I know that each one is a new beginning,
Not given to me to waste, but to
Get going!

Written for this week’s WeDrinkBecauseWe’rePoets prompt:

I’ve seen several people write for these prompts and now that NaPoWriMo is over, I find I still need my daily poetry fix.