Dented Bucket List – Don’t Give Up

Recently I… I don’t want to say ‘found’ because I didn’t find this blog. A friend found it and reblogged from it, bringing it to my attention. I’ve seen people get taken down for something that they didn’t do. I’ve seen them be persecuted and prosecuted while being innocent.

People can do their best and still be left with more than the bill, they can get left with the bill while not even knowing they were a part of the party.

Here is my ‘dented bucket list.’

  • Permanently dye my hair bright pink.
  • Litter on purpose.
  • Purposefully kill someone’s plants.
  • Mistake 4 tsp. for 4 tbs…again.
  • Throw an instrument away.
  • Purposefully break/damage another’s property.
  • Abandon someone (human or animal).
  • Burn something down.
  • Give up. Give in to despair.

Even if you lose the fight, don’t let them make you lose your spirit and your hope.


Turn My Day Around – Thankful Thursday

Things I’m thankful for:

Racing an oncoming storm


Feline forgiveness


Short Family Car Trips


Thoughtful gifts from Cotton

(That makes 3 live garden snakes, 2 live birds that can still fly, a duckling, numerous mice (dead and alive), one full grown duck (living), numerous shrews the size of an average guinea pig, numerous gophers/prairie dogs, several dead birds, etc.)


Family support at a talent show reading


Success in baking homemade bread


Children bringing me fruit home because it had the name ‘star’ in it

all images: from marth0stout’s phone

This morning was pretty down for me, but then I stumbled across a prompt called “Thankful Thursdays” and I felt a lot better. After thinking it over for several hours and watching my niece hug my cat after accidentally stepping on her tail, I realized that I didn’t need to be so down when I have so much looking up for me right now. Most of these pictures were taken within the last month or at least within the last 30 days. There were more I wanted to add, but I realized it would make for a super long post which I wasn’t certain I should do.

But I just wanted to make a quick little list of things off my phone that I actually had pictures of to remind myself that there are many things to be thankful for today. No matter how dark things seem, there’s always going to be sunshine at the end, or at least puddles to jump in during the downpour.

Hope that y’all find something that will cheer your day up as well! If not, go on over and checkout the latest post for the Thankful Thursday challenge:

It just might do you a world of good like it did me.


Graceful in the Face of Scrutiny

For the second year in a row Miss America hails from the state of New York. A young woman by the name of Nina Davuluri who is studying to be a cardiologist as most of her family are in the medical profession. Winning the pageant scholarship money puts her further down that path.

Miss America 2014 is of Indian descent, but was born in Syracuse, New York. Int he face of hatred she has been graceful and positive.

There has been an outcry about her being not American enough, but there has been an equal, if not more so, response to that outcry. In reading the news, I found that “it took about an hour for the rest of the Twittersphere to drown out the bigots.” while there were people slinging about mud about our new Miss America, there were also those standing up for her and “applauding the choice” of Nina Davuluri for the position and scholarship. Some of the naysayers were saying that an American should have been chosen. It makes me wonder if any of them have ever looked up criteria to even enter as a contestant. When I looked it up after seeing some of the comments I found that you have to be a citizen of the United States in order to even be accepted as a contestant.

This reminds me of when people were saying that President Obama shouldn’t be president because he wasn’t a US citizen. It’s kind of required to be a natural born citizen with both parents being citizens as well. While it isn’t required for a contestant in the Miss America pageant to have both parents be citizens of the US the contestant herself must be a citizen.

At the end of it all, Nina Davuluri is our Miss America 2014 and she will likely do the position proud as have our past Miss Americas. Whenever she’s asked about those naysayers she’s quoted as saying that she will ‘rise above it’ and be the better person. She seems to be a cheerful young lady who is talented and not only interested in becoming a doctor but one who specializes in a field that is of interest to many, including me.

My mother had a stroke several years ago and it was because of a good cardiologist program in the hospital nearby that she survived and recovered the use of all her limbs.

My hat’s off to our new Miss America and I wish her well in her endeavors.