Proper Tea – One-Liner Wednesday

Sitting here, listening to my nephews (from my two eldest sisters) discuss the correct way to make tea.

Seriously, I’m listening to two teens and an 8-year old discuss all the many ways you can make tea, but which is the ‘correct’ way and just how much sugar should or shouldn’t be added.

It’s just been the four of us during the day this week and thought there are times when I’m super frustrated, I am finding that it’s actually pretty fun. I have never in my life been so outnumbered by boys.

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Warm and Sick – Thankful Thursday

I’ve had the flu for about a week and a half (this is the first time in several years that I have had it…) My nephew today made me some tea, because I kept forgetting about it after setting the kettle to boil (it’s an electric kettle, that’s why it was easy to forget). He also made some peanut butter cookies and brought me some. That last is partially because he’s been wanting cookies for a week and I’ve been too sick to make them and partially because they were dry, so I could eat them and keep them down, but also with peanut butter so that there was some nutrition with them as well.

I’m grateful for his kindness today as I just feel crummy.

(He also tucked me in with extra blankets so that I’m actually warm.)

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