Cake – Thankful Thursday

I like baking. It’s soothing and you get to eat the results (most of the time). I’m not a great baker, I’m okay, but nothing fabulous or anything. My frosting is even more sad looking though I’ve been assured that it too tastes just fine. (Have not figured out how to create low-sugar frosting without it tasting worse than eating anything citrus after brushing your teeth. Still not sure how that happened…)

Anyway, I’m grateful that I can bake again as for the majority of the summer it was too hot to do anything in the kitchen. (Even just sit in it and drink water.)

Thank you, temperature, for finally going back to normal!

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Causual relationships come and go
Only those who are willing to fight stay.
Losses in life will always be coming,
Don’t forget that gains will be there as well.
 Every setback is the beginning point of a comeback.
Weather will wear at you, beating you down.
A moment of peace may sometimes be found.
Remember me always, I pray,
Meet me again at the end of the day.