That’s the Story of My Life

Are you kidding me?
Really could have done without this
Going to pull my hair out
How did they manage to build this?

So we were trying to stain and refinish the kitchen cabinets, but each step of the way we’ve discovered something wrong with them. My sister tried to keep upbeat about it, but we finally reached a point where we have to throw in the towel and just flat out replace them.

Our kitchen cabinets are some weird mix of wood and laminate and fronts attached to the wood and to the laminate. (I keep forgetting what the fronts are called.) The wood parts are all chewed up and the laminates have clung to the grease and moisture in a way that not even the bathroom cabinets have done (which is surprising, because they are made with the exact same materials.) The fronts are pulling away from the cabinets and warped in a way that we didn’t even realize they were doing that until we were trying to buff them before using the stain.

Then we had fun measuring them for replacements because they aren’t standardized in their measurements either.

This is a very old kitchen that was apparently custom.

So now that we’ve decided to replace them point blank, we find that we need to wait three weeks for all of the cabinets to be ready for pickup from Home Depot. Not only that, but the ones that have to be put up first (apparently you have to put the ones that are on the walls up first, I didn’t know that) won’t be ready until the end of the third week.

Oh well, this is kind of how our lives have always been.

At least we were able to get all the new flooring ready for upstairs. (Even if we can’t put any of it in until after the cupboards and the counter has been replaced.)