The Key

She held the piece of metal up into the light, turning it this way and that and smiling as the light glinted off the polished handle. It was an unusual key fitted with gears around the handle and four glorious wings stretched out and fashioned of white gold.

It was a very peculiar key, in no small part because she had never seen it before it had appeared next to her on the bedside table this morning when she’d woken up. She’d noticed it right off mostly because everything had to be in its place and that was the one thing that wasn’t. She’d looked at it curiously, but hadn’t picked it up until after she’d gotten ready for the day and eaten breakfast.

Now that she had some time on her hands as nothing was planned for the day, she held it in her hands and admired the craftsmanship of it.

She didn’t bother asking where it had come from as no one else seemed to realize it was there. The nurses hadn’t asked and the doctor who’d come for the morning checkup hadn’t even noticed it when the light from the window bounced off the key and into his eyes.

It was as if it only existed for her and her alone to even know about. Now she only had to decide if she was going to use it.

Her eyes never strayed down to it, but the keyhole in her chest loomed over her mind as the days passed.

image: found on the prompt

Here is a prompt series that I haven’t been able to write for in a bit, but I do so love the Free Write Friday prompts. They never expire and always make me think. (grins)