The Worth – Thankful Thursday

I know I say it a lot, but I am incredibly grateful for my sister’s kids, my eldest niece and nephews. I’ve known them (and lived with them) for the majority of their lives (and all but a few months for the youngest actually now that I think about it…) and they haven’t really ever known me as anything other than the way I am. They didn’t see me full to bursting with energy and bouncing all over the place day after day after day…

(I was a right little heathen as a child. That one potential boyfriend for one of my sisters never did come back…)

They’ve grown up having to help take care of me during bad days just as much as I’ve helped take care of them. I don’t think I’ll ever really be a ‘full’ adult in their minds. I count enough for some things, but there are definitely times where I just don’t count enough (like driving for instance…)

But despite all of that, they still treat me like a person, even when I’m all dizzy and confused about who people are. They treat me like I’m a person and that is worth so much more than most people realize.

You don’t know how much until it isn’t there. Like all truly precious things.

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