Slowly – One-liner Wednesday

“People seem to think embracing life means to jump off cliffs and kiss strangers. Maybe it’s just slowly learning to love yourself.” –unknown

I know that this is two sentences, but it was something that made me stop and think and I wanted to share it.

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Which Way?

Can you imagine
A life without fear
A life spent wishing
That you were near?

Can you imagine
A life without pain
A life spent hoping
That you felt the same?

Can you imagine
A life without hate
A life spent wond’ring
If we’d been handed another fate

Can you imagine
A life done away
A life that’s not here
That’s never seen the day?

Because a life without
These things, so dark
Holding us down
Doesn’t help us grow
Because how can you know
Which way to fly
If you never know
Which way is the ground?

It All Hinged

I’ve heard off and on throughout my life that “when God closes a door, He often opens a window,” but what if He doesn’t?

What if, instead, He gives you just enough leverage to remove the door’s hinges instead?

Just, hear me out.

Sometimes there’s no window. You can’t see what you’re doing because it’s so dark, you only have the light from the crack in the bottom of the door and you know that it’s not good on the other side or you wouldn’t have shut yourself in that room in the first place.

But you got yourself into that room and with some hep, you know you can get yourself back out the way you came in, you just have to get back through the door.

But what happens when you’ve locked the door behind you and dropped the key in the darkness?

You reach around trying to find the key and you find something else instead?

There are different ways to get out of the room, different tools that the Lord can give you to help you find Him once again.

Sometimes He gives you that window first mentioned.

Sometimes it’s the key you just dropped.

Or a lock pick.

Or a conveniently placed trapdoor.

Sometimes it’s tools to get the hinges off the door.

Either way, there is always a way out, because there was a way in.

One Without the Other

There can be no true despair without hope. –Bane, The Dark Knight Rises

You cannot know
The sweet
Without the bitter
The joy
Without the sorrow
The love
Without the hate
The hope
Without the despair

For without comparison
You cannot
Truly know
What will you do
With what you know?

How can you
Help another
Without knowing
What it is
To be low
To be lost
To be full
Of despair
How can you
Aid another
Mend their hearts
Their minds
Their bodies
Their souls
Save knowing
What it is
To feel it

There is One
Who knows
The feel
Of pain
Of every stripe
He knows how
To heal
To save
To not only
Give hope
But to be

This movie gave me all kinds of quotes that set off ideas.

Not Without

For I have found

As a child raised by a mother

That life is never so clear cut

Having a father only every other week

Even as then I had no mother

Reality was that I was never really without

Listening quietly to the back of my mind

Especially in times of fear

Sinking into my lonely heart

Soothing whispers of love from On High


I have found that I don’t like the phrase ‘fatherless child’ or ‘motherless child,’ because I believe that all were born from Heavenly Parents who sent us down to Earth to have earthly parents and to learn and grow. So even when we live in homes with only one parent or the other, we still have Parents who love us and want to help.

It’s just that sometimes we need to learn to ask for that help.

Dragon Guilt

Guilt is the thing that lets you know

Just how far from the path you go

That you’ve wandered far and near

Letting go of what you hold dear


It’s a sign of when to turn back

So that your happiness you won’t lack

So turn back once you feel

Like off your skin you want to peel


Just like the boy who turned into a dragon

You find you really want to be on the wagon

Huddling close to family and friends

Knowing that with them you want to find an end

Little poem inspired by Eustace Scrubb from Voyage of the Dawn Treader by C.S. Lewis and the trouble he gets himself into. Also by the revisit of Dungeon Prompt: Guilt – Illuminating or Engulfing the Darkness.

Pencil of God

I am only a pencil in the Hand of God; He is the one who writes. –Mother Teresa


I was watching the movie made about Mother Teresa recently and found the above statement hit me profoundly. She could have used the tool pen instead of pencil. A pen’s ink lasts longer than a pencil’s lead as well as having the actual tool last longer as well. Pens are easier to repair and if they are made of truly wonderful materials they can last for centuries.

Pencils, on the other hand, don’t last quite so long, especially if they are used often. They wear down or break until they are gone and you can’t repair them.

But in a way the fleeting nature of this tool can have all the more to it because of what it can do in the amount of time it has.

I’ve Far To Go

Days dragging onward

Even as I move forward

Finding little reprieve

Endlessly I grieve

Never letting go

Don’t stop, I’ve far to go


Only by moving day to day

Finding the will to find the way

For with all I will give my might

Especially when everything becomes tight

Not going to give up as you can tell

Don’t even think of dropping the bell