Pencil of God

I am only a pencil in the Hand of God; He is the one who writes. –Mother Teresa


I was watching the movie made about Mother Teresa recently and found the above statement hit me profoundly. She could have used the tool pen instead of pencil. A pen’s ink lasts longer than a pencil’s lead as well as having the actual tool last longer as well. Pens are easier to repair and if they are made of truly wonderful materials they can last for centuries.

Pencils, on the other hand, don’t last quite so long, especially if they are used often. They wear down or break until they are gone and you can’t repair them.

But in a way the fleeting nature of this tool can have all the more to it because of what it can do in the amount of time it has.

I’ve Far To Go

Days dragging onward

Even as I move forward

Finding little reprieve

Endlessly I grieve

Never letting go

Don’t stop, I’ve far to go


Only by moving day to day

Finding the will to find the way

For with all I will give my might

Especially when everything becomes tight

Not going to give up as you can tell

Don’t even think of dropping the bell

Not In Control

Have you ever stopped to think

Or taken a moment to ponder

Maybe realizing that you live

Ever on someone else’s wonder

Left by yourself you wouldn’t have

Even so small as a box to live in

So keep in mind there’s more than just you

Seeking out for others to give to


Some of us would have no home save for the family that takes us in. We must remember to not complain, then, when things don’t go the way we want them to.

Life doesn’t really go as planned, and, in fact, I believe that life likes to laugh especially hard at those who think they are in control.


We often believe that we do not deserve a second (or third or fourth or hundredth) chance. And we’re mostly right. We don’t deserve it by our own rules and laws and things.

But this life isn’t just about our rules and our beliefs, no, this life is also about discovering the belief or values of the Lord.

We may not think or believe we deserve the good in our lives, but He does think, know that we deserve it because He knows who we really are and who we can become.

It’s not about what we think we deserve, it’s about what He knows we deserve because He was the one who paid the price for us to receive it in the first place.

That doesn’t mean there won’t be conditions that we have to meet, but the fact that it’s even offered in the first place is often the most wondrous thing of all.

The Moment

Both in this life and in the next

Relish the small and simple things we will

Even as we disregard their importance at the moment

Very soon we will wish to live again in that minute

Innocent of things to come after

There is more to life than the past, however

You would do well to remember that


Things are more the precious for the brevity of them in our lives, knowing that we can cherish things for but a small moment before they are lost to the ravages of time help us to recognize their importance in the here and now.

If only…

If only we actually remembered that in the moment itself.