What Lack I Yet?

Each of us are asked to sacrifice something different even if the item in question is the same. Things have different meanings to different people. What is important to me might not be important to you. Associations and value are not universal, they can’t be and still exist within the diversity of our planet and the peoples living on it.

But one thing is the same no matter what, the desire to return to the place that we come from.

And so we each of us ask at one point or another in our lives, “What lack I yet? What can I do to return to the place of peace, even temporarily?”

The answer is the same for all of its diversity, “You must sacrifice something equal in value.”

Only two people can tell what is equal to the value of what we desire. One is yourself, knowing it even if you deny knowing it. The other? That One that you asked the question of in the first place.

We don’t always have the faith or courage to give what we asked for in the first place even if we had enough to ask. Just because we don’t respond in kind the first time or even the hundredth time doesn’t mean that we still can’t should we decide to change at some other undisclosed point in our lives. And it is a choice because even when we don’t think we are making a choice we are.

We are and that is what is most important.

Faith or courage mean nothing if they are forced because they can’t be true if they are forced. Feelings, spirits, souls, whatever you want to call is, don’t work like that. They can’t. They weren’t designed to be able to do that and have it mean anything.

When we ask what we lack yet in order to find a place of peace it is more than just courage asking, it is humility because we can see that we are missing something in the first place.

We can be humble enough to ask, but are we brave enough to accept the answer and follow it?

In the end, that is the real question in “What Lack I Yet?”


Thinking Leads to Action

It all comes down to what you think

For what you think you do

You walk around

And laugh and frown

Based on where your mind gets to

So don’t just watch what you say and do

Keep in mind

That’s where it all starts

And track where your mind goes to

And then you will wonder

Just why this matters at all

Because it is something that can make you fall

But why do we hit the ground

If not to feel that pain

And know that it hurts right then

And likely will again

Because it’s something that will happen oft

When you relearn that the ground isn’t soft

Just pull your hands and knees underneath

And push yourself upright

Because that is what you should always think

No matter how far nor oft you fall

It doesn’t have to stay that way

Think of it as nothing more than a stall

Strangely Familiar

How often I look around

Or stop and let it sink in

My place here is assured

Even as the shelves in my room sit empty.

Just floating from one project to the next, but never the project of my own space.

I often find that I was lost before

So often looking around in confusion.

The familiarity of this house where I have only spent a month is strange.

When I find that my memory blanks

Having no recollection of where I am

Even as I view all of our belongings scattered about

Reality is stark, but it does not claw the way it used to

Especially when I hear the sounds coming from all around

The acoustics in this building are amazing.

Taking in the crisp feel of the night air

How the wind blows unfettered

Each moment so very different from the city

Where I grew up and a 7-11 was just a ten-minute walk away.

How quickly I have fallen in love with the land

Each morning painting a picture across the valley

And it is a valley, though smaller than the old

Real in all its emptiness

Though life is there to behold.

This cold desert is not bereft of life; it teems with it, overflows.

I look around and realize that I can never be lost here

So with a small smile, I step out into the light of day.

For the first time in forever, the sun doesn’t burn.

Time – Thankful Thursday

I am grateful for time today.

To take a moment and
I know I’ll need more.
Maybe to sit quietly and store
Every thing for which I stand.
A moment in time
Given half of what you have
Will lead you along
And remind you as well
That there is always more to find.
So keep in mind
That this is not the time
For never is there a perfect one
To make your decision
Or choose the destination
That you will end up in.
For life is not so easy
Nor are times predicted
For those who See
But do not Learn
Will have nothing in the end.
So never forget
That what you have
Is only as important
As you let it be
For you will always run out of time.

I am grateful for time whether it be time for a moment of quiet or time with my very large (and very loud) family.

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Something in the Wind

She moved around the small house, the walls told of so many memories, both good and bad. Things had happened here and she had been there when they had. Now the house stood empty and desolate, the walls slowly crumbling yet happier then they had ever been whole.

The wind blew through the open doorway and a chill settled over her. She pulled her coat closer around her and turned to leave.

“I’ll never forget you…”

She stopped, but didn’t turn back, her lip trembling. No tears fell and she continued on her way.

The past had already left.

Written for the Friday prompt from Light and Shade Challenge: http://lightandshadechallenge.blogspot.co.uk/2014/05/light-and-shade-challenge-friday-23rd.html

This afternoon is a rather melancholy one for me for some reason. Though it has not been unpleasant, rather it has been very thoughtful in its own right.

It just feels like there’s something in the wind today…