Rain of Leaves

She looked out the window and watched as the leaves rained down. It was autumn, late autumn at that, and what few leaves remained after the tempestuous fall of their brethren looked small and crumpled while clinging so tenaciously to their frail perches.

Another year had come and gone and she had finally stopped running. She had found a place where she could settle down and allow her daughter to grow. She still dared not contact any of her other offspring for fear that the communication would be picked up on and used to find either her, her children or both.

She could not allow that to happen, but as she watched her youngest play on the carpet in front of her, she knew that she would always take time to remember the others. To keep them in her mind and wonder if they would ever inherit from her what this child in front of her had not.

Not every mixed child of her race and humankind would take after the stronger genetics. Some only inherited the defects of both parents and would always struggle for anything.

Written for the weekly Trifecta challenge: