Truly Blessed – Thankful Thursday

I’m grateful for doors getting stuck for half the winter and bottle lambs ending up at neighbor’s houses and all other things that many would think were a right pickle at first. I’m also grateful for the timing of everything, because without it, I’d have found four tiny goatlings frozen to death this afternoon instead of one goop-covered tiny goatling (the tiniest I’ve ever seen!) and a doe still in the middle of labor. Now we have four tiny goatlings (several weeks early even, but isn’t that just the way for us with our goats?) all clean and snuggled down in the play house that we only recently were able to get back into through the door. There was also enough first milk for the babies to boost their immune systems because of the bottle-fed lamb at our neighbors because they had extra for the first feeding.

Truly, we are blessed.

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(Remember, this is an old post written a few months ago. In fact, I’m writing this on February 11th.