Step Back

My time has come to be in charge
Even if we’re still at large.
Don’t discount my contribution
I can hold some amunition.
Can you accept my help?
In making it through the thickest kelp.
No I will never give up.
Eve will come and if not done, I will not sup.

Sometimes the medicine we need to give, need to take is letting someone else be in charge while we take time to listen and follow.

Everyone needs practice in not being the leader, but picking one who is up to the task.

Inspired by the Monday prompt from Light and Shade Challenge.

When I was sick, you gave me bitter pills;
And I must minister the like to you.

– Two Gentlemen of Verona, William Shakespeare

Healing Love

Hurts amass over time,
I‘d like to think that I more sturdy than most.
Don’t forget that you will always carry
Disaster hiding in plain sight.
Everything has to begin somewhere.
Now will you ignore your scars, or respect them?
How is it that you come along
Even when my pains not gone
And hold me safe inside your arms
Letting love heal all my harms.
Even when I shout and cry
Really you are my favorite guy.

She wasn’t quite sure how to feel so she just sat there, tears streaming silently down her face. The ring that had held a place of pride on her hand now sat in her hand, the cold of the metal seeming to dull the gem that had previously shined in delight.

The door to her room opened and the pitter-patter of feet moving softly over the carpet came to a halt by her bedside. A plate was placed gently on the end table and the bed dipped as an arm came up and around her shoulders.

She said nothing as a hand gently guided her face onto a stronger shoulder and she cried out her sorrows on the shoulder of her brother.

The pie on the plate sat a silent testament to how well he knew her heart.

Both parts inspired in equal parts from Light and Shade Challenge from yesterday and the Dungeon Prompt from last Thursday.

Make the Effort

The world is not quiet,
It is loud, shouting out!
Pay attention to me!
The Lord is quiet,
Whispering softly in your heart.
Be still and know that I am God.
Everything moves so fast!
There’s never enough time to rest,
Never enough time to sit and listen.
Make the time;
It’s never going to be the right moment,
So it is up to you to make that moment.

Some ghosts are so quiet you would hardly know they were there.

–Bernie Mcgill, The Butterfly Cabinet

It’s one of those morning when the world is so loud it is all the harder to hear the promptings of the Spirit. These are the times when you must make the effort to listen because if you wait for a moment to arrive, it will never come. The Lord expects much of us as He has given us much to work with.

He gives everyone a long piece of rope and it is up to us to tie the knot that we use. It could be a single knot that gives us a place to hang on, it could be a series of knots to help us climb up or it could be the knot in a hang man’s noose.

The choice is up to you.

This poem and bit of prose was double inspired today by Dungeon Prompts (So glad to have you back, Sreejit!) and today’s prompt from the Light and Shade Challenge.

Take the Path

To choose to walk a path is more than you think.
Always there is a choice, even if there is only path.
Keep to the trail? Or choose to wander away?
Eventually there will be a fork.
The fork may be at the beginning or the middle,
How will you decide to choose?
Even forward or backward is a fork in the road.
Please remember that choosing to stay in one place
Also is a choice that you must make.
There is more to life than just the road you walk.
How far along is not the important.

It is which direction you are facing.


This was inspired by the Monday prompt from Light and Shade Challenge.

Angel’s Highway for Ivy House

It seemed more difficult than it really was. Most things did, unless of course there was some kind of human or sentient influence that made it so.

With a sigh, she moved her thoughts away from conjecture and back into her job.


“This is Angel’s Highway, how may I help you?”


“Yes?” she asked again after the voice trailed off into silence. She could do patience, this whole job was about patience.

“I was wondering…if…there was…”

She tried her best not to count the seconds that were ticking by. It wasn’t the caller’s fault that they were so nervous, it was a common problem with those who called this service. They were always afraid of actually asking for anything. Almost as if they felt that they really shouldn’t have called in the first place.

People asking for help, people who actually needed that help, were often very timid about asking for said help.

“I was wondering…ifyouhadanyopeningsintheIvyHouseFoundation.”

Marie was very skilled at working out what people had said when they were trying to get everything out as fast as they could, so she didn’t need to ask for her caller to repeat herself.

With a few quick moments of her fingers over her keyboard, she pulled up the current vacancy lists within Ivy House. Good, there were several vacancies but it would depend on a few things…

“Is there a specific number of people that would be in your party?”

“Um…just about…maybe…three?”

“Any particular needs in that group: age, illness, etc?”

“N-no, just one adult a-and two pre-teens.” came the timid reply.

“Is there a specific locale that you would like to be in? We have room in a few country areas and several small towns as well as one or two with open room in the city.”

The rest of the conversation went fairly well, though Marie could tell that the woman on the phone was still nervous there was an undertone that she couldn’t help but smile at.

It was always a wondrous thing when you heard the moment someone’s hope was reborn.

image: Lyssa Medana a small alleyway in Whitby

Written for this week’s Monday prompt from Light and Shade Challenge:

Cover the Emptiness

image: wax115 on

She pulled on her father’s boots last, taking the time to do up all the laces and then tuck the excess into the side around her feet. The boots were large, larger than she had initially thought.

But at the same time, they were just the right size.

Her father wasn’t at home. In fact, he hadn’t been at home for a very long time. He likely wouldn’t be home for several more months, if he came home at all.

So she would pull on his boots and walk around the house in them all day long. If she had to leave to do anything, the boots would go with her, slowing her down and reminding her that they didn’t fit.

They would never fit.

But it would keep her father closer to her throughout the day.

She would do this every month for one whole day until her father came back from his tour of duty.

Mary smiled as she clomped around the house, making enough noise to cover up the emptiness.

Written for today’s Light and Shade Challenge:

Also written in honor of not only the men and women that serve our country but their families who are without during their service.

Thank you.

First Date Jitters

Shadow of love: Sadow of a couple kissing

The first time she went out with Warren, Alex spent the entire time waiting for everything to go south.

He sat up and waited for her to come home even though she wasn’t out late nor was she a minor. It didn’t really make a difference for him; she was the closest he was ever going to get to having either a younger sibling or even a child.

(There had been a time when he’d been married and thought that there was a child on the way. It had turned out to be just another lie in a long string of them. Needless to say, he had finally given up on having a relationship after that.)

Alex would have had someone tail Warren and Mary, but Mary had made her thoughts on that matter clear.

(She had at least allowed him to install a GPS chip just under her skin somewhere and promised not to short circuit it if at all possible, so he hadn’t even had someone follow them on CCTV cameras. He wasn’t entirely certain that she would appreciate the self-restraint he was showing.

Mary didn’t understand a lot of things, but she did understand what it was like having someone you were responsible for disappearing randomly, which was why she’d acquiesced to the chip and nothing else.)

“How long can a date get?” he grumbled to himself, well aware that he sounded ridiculous.

Mary was a grown woman who’d been through more than he could even imagine and had likely seen more in the world than Alex’s history books talked about.

There was the sound of a door opening and Alex quickly reopened the book in his lap and pretended to be reading as Mary walked in, still smiling over her shoulder at Warren before closing the door.

“You’re home rather late,” Alex commented after a moment, striving, and succeeding in sounding like he wasn’t interested in the slightest in what he was talking about.

Mary glanced at him with a wry smirk on her face, but said nothing as she removed her coat and shoes and stored them in the coat closet.

After she’d left for her room, Alex set his book aside with a sigh.

He didn’t think he could take another night like this where she left on a date that he wasn’t allowed to shadow.

Being a responsible adult that cared about another was harder on the heart than he’d ever thought it would be.

Written for a challenge that I was informed of yesterday (and am still really excited about):