Unidentified Flying Objects?

“Are they really thinking like that again?” Tremel asked.

Rodel just shrugged and continued on with their reconnaissance. They were almost done with their tour of duty and he was looking forward to being able to stay at home for the holidays, The Solstice was coming up soon and he’d made plans with his mother’s family to be at home during it. He was really looking forward to the food and the company that would be there.

Tremel sighed as he spun around in his chair, “When will our reliefs get here?” he grumbled to himself, knowing that his partner wasn’t listening.

Rodel just shrugged as he continued to keep his mind and eyes on the gathering of people in front of them. It was hard to keep his focus when he’d thought of home, but he wasn’t going to get lazy and miss something important.

Others in the past had messed up more than once when they grew lazy and didn’t keep themselves out of sight of the locals they were observing. Luckily no one had been hurt too badly, but it was very bad form to be seen when you were running a very clandestine reconnaissance mission.

“I’ll be glad when we can get home to Antarctica, watching how slowly the rest of the world is developing is a real buzz kill if you aren’t one of those snobs who think we’re  better than everyone else.”

Rodel chuckled and finally made eye contact with his partner, “I know, imagine the rest of the world thinking we’re some kind of aliens from another planet spying on them in strange flying saucers when it’s really just been fellow humans all along.”

Written partially because I had a random thought years ago that went something like this:

What if all those UFOs were really from other humans who were much more advanced, but lived in Antarctica using their advanced tech to hide from us all? What if the UFOs were just them seeing how advanced the rest of us currently are?

Also, because of the prompt from last Friday’s FreeWriteFriday: http://kellieelmore.com/2014/05/16/fwf-free-write-friday-just-write-special-edition/

I don’t know if I will ever write more for this idea, but it was an interesting thought.