Death in Pink

Perhaps not the most common

And certainly going to get a giggle

Really now, Princess, you shouldn’t frown

And stomp your little foot there

Seeing how your enemies

Only see an umbrella

Let them laugh as you kill them


Just found out that Princess Peach in the Mario RPG game that my nephew is playing uses a parasol as her weapon. At first I laughed at the thought of her hitting people with it or having a little blade on the point, but no. She points it at her enemies, opens it and then closes it and then they die.

Still makes me giggle even as I wonder what opening and closing the parasol does to cause damage.


Walk Me Through It – Thankful Thursday

Today I am grateful for the hours of effort that some have put into researching and writing down video game walkthroughs. I enjoy playing the Final Fantasy games with my eldest niece and nephews. There’s less running around trying to figure everything out with the walkthroughs and I enjoy how they’ve been put together in order to find all the little extras in the games that I wasn’t always able to find and play through when I was younger because I had no idea where to go or what to do.

The formatting done by the writers of the Final Fantasy walkthroughs makes them easy to read and use.

Check out the original Thankful Thursday. (Will update link when able.)

You can find the walkthroughs that I have used at the website:

Paranoia Justified – Random Ramblings

Every time I read about one character’s belief that someone they know is too paranoid I remember how easy it was to break into the Shinra HQ in Final Fantasy VII.

Seriously, have you ever played that game? Breaking into Don Corneo’s Mansion is harder to do than the headquarters of the company that pretty much controls the entire planet in that game.

The only reason this is currently even on my mind is because I recently convinced my sister’s children that playing through  FFVII would be a fun thing for us to do together. Unfortunately I’d forgotten how to do a few of the puzzles within the game.

The good news is that they are having a blast watching me play.

The bad news is that I keep missing things and yelling at the characters for this or that thing and having to make sure I don’t accidentally blurt out spoilers as they know absolutely nothing about the Final Fantasy VII universe except for the fact that it is the best Final Fantasy game ever and the first to have more than one game/movie/book/anime to its name because of how awesome it is.

(No I am not trying to dis any of the other Final Fantasy games. They are also pretty awesome, but FFVII was the first one for me.)

My eldest niece has recently taken a delight in spy novels so even though she wasn’t interested at all in joining her younger brothers and me in playing through the game she is now just as hooked. She normally cannot stand most video games, especially ones that her brothers like.

Final Fantasy, it takes all kinds and bridges gaps between siblings.

(Though I’ll never forgive my brother from naming one of my characters WOMAN and then saving over my file. She was named with all caps and everything so it was like my characters were yelling every time they would have said her name.)

All Day Long

What is it that you do all day?
Only it seems very much like you play.
Really, what is it that you do?
Keep going on about it, don’t you?
 You’ve had all day.
Please set that aside,
Look, I don’t mean to deride.
At least listen to me,
You know there is more that what you see.
 Don’t judge my book without even seeing the cover.
Let’s take a step back,
I know know you think it’s sanity I lack.
Very much work I put myself to,
Even if it is not something you do.
We all have to begin somewhere.

Written as an answer to some of the children I live with. They come home from school and often think that I have just played video games all the day long. They don’t seem to understand that I have spent just as long working as they have at school. (shrugs) Ah well, life goes on and I’m sure that like I did they will learn that there is always more going on behind the scenes.

Sorry! You’re Obsolete

Out of everything she’d ever seen come and go, the thing she missed the most was the ability to simply sit around a table and play board games with her family. The advent and spread of video games, both on the computer and it’s smaller cousins or on the television. She missed having her husband at the other end of the dining room table with their sons on either side.

Mary entered her apartment and was greeted by the sounds of her youngest playing…something…on the small handheld that he had received from his older brother for Christmas. With a glance, she saw that Terry was sitting at the sofa working on some homework or maybe something else. She wasn’t entirely certain as he was working on those tablets that had become popular in her early years in this world.

If she was lucky, they’d agree to a quick family night tonight and do something together. If she was even luckier, they’d agree to a game of Sorry! as long as she was able to keep it a quick game.

Her eldest was often called in to work strange hours at his job.

Written for today’s Daily Post prompt:

Also written because a few nights ago we were able to sit down and play a round of Sorry! which isn’t something that we’re always able to sit down and do. I miss the family game nights of board games…

Vintage Games

Listening to the sound of my younger sister and her husband talk video games with our eldest niece and nephews.

“The owl has more usefulness than Sheik!”

“We get the picture!”

I accidentally mentioned that I wish there was more Sheik usage in the game “Zelda: Ocarina of Time.” It was the only Zelda game that I ever played as a kid and my eldest niece was asking for pointers on how to do something for the Princess of the Twilight (is that the right one?) game that she had borrowed from one of her aunts. I know nothing about that game other than Link is the main character and Zelda will likely be mentioned in it somewhere.

Her response was amusing.

“You mean I have to figure this game out by myself?!”

shrugs I like getting them into vintage games. They are harder and take a little bit more skill than some of the newer games that are gore-free. Most of the kid-friendly games nowadays seem to have built-in cheats that make them easier to move up in levels with less skill. Not that they spend a lot of time on anything electronic anyway, but sometimes they need something a little more challenging when they are playing video games.

Now if only Wii would have “Donkey Kong: Country” available in their Wii Store again.