Casts Arise

Why ever have you done this
And trampled over me
Kept your joy contained
Even as it reigned free

Unless this was the plan
Perhaps more clever you are than I am

So I’ve got a cold and feel like crap. I wasn’t going to get up for a while yet because I was warm for once. One of our dogs, Helena, didn’t like that I wasn’t up right now this second. So she catapulted herself not just onto my bed, but directly onto me and started jumping around. She’s a medium-sized dog, our smallest, but she’s still a decent size and heavy enough to knock the air right out of you.

It wasn’t the wake-up call I had in mind and it was at least two hours earlier than I had planned. Unfortunately, I know from experience that trying to go back to bed while Helena wants you up isn’t just futile, it’s also incredibly foolish. She has no problems using her little claws to aid you in arising. Her claws aren’t sharp enough to cut, but they still hurt. (Clipping her nails is hard because they’re black and I don’t want to clip too far.)

Of course, heaven help you if you need to get up and she’s asleep on you.


Layabouts – Day Twenty-Six

You sleep in bed all morning long,
Waiting till the last to join the throng.
You say you got to bed quite late,
And that is why the rest must wait.
So every five minutes you hit the snooze
Because your sleep you don’t want to lose.
Well that will change sometime soon
Because you see, we have a boon.
You shall awake because it’s late
And I shall not continue to wait;
Wake up!
image: from martha0stout’s phone

Written in honor of my sister’s kids every morning that they don’t have school. They’d sleep until 1:00 pm if I let them. The picture is of my cat, Usako.

Also using today’s NaPoWriMo prompt:

Wake-Up Call

My niece hates waking up earlier than 10:00 am on any day, but especially on a day when she doesn’t actually have school. This makes any attempt, by anyone, quite the experience.

My nephews were having a lovely time trying to wake up their elder sister this morning. They took turns shaking her, putting ice packs on her and even jumping up and down on her bed. She was awake, but didn’t want to actually get up or anything, so she lay there through it all, pretending to be asleep. Her youngest brother was going for actual ice cubes so they could slide them down the back of her nightgown. Before he could come back with some of them, I though I might as well give them a bit of help.

Once I’ve helped convince her to get up (without using up their grandma’s giant ice cubes), the first things she says after ‘waking up’ is that they shouldn’t jump on her bed when she’s still in it.

“Catie, if you’re going to pretend to be asleep after your mom has sent them to wake you, you only have yourself to blame for what lengths they’ll go to.”

“Still…” she grumbled back at me and then hurried to hop out of bed when her youngest brother finally returned to the room with a bag full of ice.