What Started the War?

The battle was fierce and though no one lost no one really won either.

Well, that’s not quite true…

The humans. The humans lost.

Bloody scratches and subtle bite marks (“They didn’t feel subtle when I was getting them!”) told the tale.

And all the mayhem, the war, the blood and pain, was caused by a simple sneeze.


Solemn Rejoicing

image: Lyssa Medana

Star watched as the fireworks went off and the people cheered.

The Galactic Chaos War was over.

The troops were all home, the dead were buried, though they were likely still being mourned by all (the number of dead on both sides was too prolific for anyone to be through mourning already) but the pain and sorrow had been set aside by almost all in order to celebrate the ending of the war. Children ran about, bright eyed and with grins splashed across their faces; the thinness of the faces and the worn-out look of their clothes was ignored. The adults smiled and watched, some of them joining the children; the tired set to their shoulders and the darkness around their eyes also not being made note of.

“You are not happy.”

Star said nothing, did not look over to Solaris as the woman moved into the shadows with her Guardian.

Solaris sighed, her eyes sad as they moved from the rejoicing crowd to one of her oldest friends.

“She would not want you to mourn her.”

Star still said nothing, her eyes facing forward but not really seeing the people in front of her, though her eyes continued to remain alert for any danger.

A part of Solaris wondered how her young-looking friend was able to pull that off; the rest of her figured that it was a skill Star had learned during her very long life.

Solaris had only really known Star for a seemingly small amount of time in comparison to how long Star had  existed. During that time, Star had very rarely been this solemn. She was only ever solemn like this when she was thinking about something that in some way related to Comet.

Solaris had no siblings, not blood siblings anyway; she and Serenity were sort of siblings even if they were not actually related and she knew that if anything ever happened to Serenity…

Solaris would never really recover from it.

So she did not push her Guardian, just stood next to her in a show of comfort and support as they watched the people rejoice below.

Written for Light and Shade’s Monday Challenge: http://lightandshadechallenge.blogspot.co.uk/2014/06/light-and-shade-challenge-monday-16th.html

Safety in Death?

The ritual had worked, Comet was far from here and safe. Safe for the first time since long before the War had started. Their enemies would never find Star’s sister, not without Star or the Queen actively helping them and even then it was a long shot.

“Star, she is safe.”

Star nodded and bowed her head as her queen smiled tiredly at her before leaving the room.

She did not respond to anyone else as they spoke quietly both to her and around her before they, too, left for a well-deserved rest. The ritual they had used to both heal her sister and to send her away (because in order to heal her, they’d had to block her connections to those still here, and the only way to do that had been to send her away) had been a success.

Soon, Star was the only one left in the room. She didn’t bother looking around the room, just walked slowly towards the center where a cot had been placed. The cot was still warm from when her sister had been under the blankets and Star knelt by the cot and placed her hands in the blankets. She clutched them to her face and bowed her head. Silent tears began to soak into the fabric as her slender shoulders shook with the weight of her sobs.

She couldn’t feel her sister in her mind, in her very soul, anymore.

It was like she was dead in the worst possible way.

After all, even when their Queen had been dead, before she’d been brought back by the power of the Lunar Healing Crystal, they had still felt her presence within their hearts.

There wasn’t even that to indicate that Comet had ever existed. No torn threads, no aching apology for leaving them behind. Just…nothing…

Written for this week’s Dungeon Prompt: http://theseekersdungeon.com/2014/02/20/dungeon-prompts-season-2-week-8-when-did-death-become-real-for-you/

Lucky Stars?

“Star, I don’t think this is going to work!”

The arguments had been going on for well over a solar hour. It was driving her nuts and not in a helpful way.

“We need to halt their advance and unless you can come up with something else or find some way to get us reinforcements that don’t actually exist, this is what we’re stuck with!”

She had tried keeping her cool, keeping her voice calm and her face from eventually growing red in anger, but none of her normal emotional controls seemed to be working. And she didn’t have a clue as to why.

She didn’t really have the time to sit and meditate and try to find an answer for why, she just had to do what she always did. Power through the obstacles that she didn’t know existed and hope that the center would hold. That her center would hold.

(She didn’t know that the center had already shattered into a million little pieces. There was no way she would fully know that until she received the message from her Queen or found the time and energy to do an in-depth meditation cycle.

It would likely not come up until the current battle was complete.)

“I’m telling you that this is a suicidal charge!” her companion retorted, “There is little to no chance of survival just dropping down into the middle of them and unleashing everything you have. You’ll burn out before they’re all gone and we’ll be down another fighter!”

She grimaced at him as she’d long lost her ability to smile about anything in this was. “As long as a single star burns in the sky, then I shall not burn out. I may throw myself out of a firm grip on reality, but I will survive.”

“That still-”

“I will not allow them to hold this sector!” she interrupted hotly, “I will not allow them one step further into our territory! I can stop their advance, it will come at a cost, but not one that will harm us in either the long-term or the short-term at this point.”

She drew in a deep breath, but did not apologize as she turned away and looked towards where the sun was setting.

“I will stop them and we will have the time needed to make contact with Control.”

No one said anything as she continued to walk away from the small command structure they’d somehow cobbled together and out into the area around them. The stars peaked out from where they had hidden during the day and a halo of energy gathered around Star.

(This fight would be more costly than she knew.)

Written for the Daily Post’s prompt today even though it doesn’t actually use anything from the prompt but the name. When I started writing, I had meant to use the three wishes thing, but it didn’t play itself into the post. shrugs It got an idea going in my head at least.


Sword of Light

She hadn’t wanted to do it, but in the end it had been for the best. That’s what they always said, wasn’t it? That the hard decisions had to be made for the betterment of everyone else?

Why did that not fill her with joy? Why did it only fill her with a resigned sorrow that penetrated her very bones?


She glanced back at the small child playing behind her and a sad smile stretched across her face as she felt her heart melt.

But maybe this really will set things to right.

With her decision made, she stepped away from the nursery and out into the hall, one of her hands forming a hilt of light that ignited into a rapier.

This really is for the best.

Written for this week’s Trifecta challenge.


To Begin After An End

It had been so long since she’d seen her sister. In a way her sister was no longer the littler sister, but the bigger one simply because she had sealed her own abilities and allowed her body to grow at a more ‘natural’ rate. It wasn’t a natural rate for their kind, but it was a natural rate for the sentient life forms that they had grown up around.

Comet had always wanted a different life from the one they had been born to lead. Star had come to accept this and had mourned with her sister when it became apparent that Comet would never be able to do so.

That had all changed when the Final War, the Galactic War was over. Comet had been broken in a way that many did not survive. If the sisters had not been built the way that they had then it was likely that Comet would have lost her physical life and been nothing more than cosmic dust floating through the universe in several billion little pieces. But Comet hadn’t, she had survived even if she would never be able to completely live as the Guardian that she had been before the War.

Star had spent untold decades, maybe even centuries, looking for anything that might help her sister. She didn’t really pay all that much attention to how long it took her to find what little she could and then fashion the rest of the way by herself and what little any of the others could help with. In the end, it had taken too long in order to restore her sister to any kind of healthy state and nothing anyone said would convince her otherwise.

It would have gone perfectly, she would have had her sister back if there hadn’t been a sacrifice required at the end.

She would have to send her sister somewhere else. To a place where Star would never be allowed to go save for dire circumstances and even then it was a close call.

There was no decision to be made even with her Queen’s sad and gentle eyes looking down at her.

“If it will save Comet and allow her to actually live, my Queen, then there is no choice to be made.”

Written for last week’s FreeWriteFriday prompt as this is what came to mind.


This is an ongoing story written from different perspectives at different points so this isn’t the end unless you want it to be.