Utah Weather and Treats – Thankful Thursday

So we always pray and hope for rain and snow and today, we got both. It was raining all night and for most of the morning before it switched over to snow. It’ll likely warm back up to rain at some point because it’s really wet snow out there, but it’s all much needed water all the same.

So today I am grateful for weird Utah weather.

And the cookies we made today.

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My Precious – Thankful Thursday

You don’t know how precious something is until it’s gone. Not accessible. Unavailable. Good bye.

Then you realize just how vital running water is and spend most of the day trying to figure out what went wrong.

We will figure it out…eventually…

In the meantime, I am very grateful for what water we have.

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Accessible Water – Thankful Thursday

You don’t know how precious a working spigot is for a farm (even only a half-acre one) until there is a break in the line and you have to shut off the water. We’re currently hauling the water for our garden and animals straight from the kitchen until we get the spigot fixed.

So today, I am thankful for a working spigot, even if I don’t have one right this moment.

Check out the original Thankful Thursday. (Will update link when able.)

Drought Hair

I don’t know how the weather is around the world, but there was a report released in my home state this week. I didn’t find it online, my mother read about it in the newspaper (which we get for two reasons: 1) for Mom and 2) for comics) and shared it with me. I can’t find the actual article again. (Which just means I don’t want to sift through my giant old newspaper pile that I’m saving for when we move and need to wrap all the dishes.)

The gist of the report was that the drought is not getting better, it’s not even staying the same like it has for the past few years. No, it’s getting worse.


So we had a small family gathering of everyone in the house just before dinner (and it is small compared to family gatherings in the past. There were only six of us there, which is the whole of us who currently live together, but we’ve had a total of 12-ish (maybe 13?) people in one house before.) And it was decided that all showers would drop to 10 minutes (which really only effects my sister and her daughter; they take really long showers…) and that we will all be having short hair so that we can actually get all the way clean while showering.

My niece was devastated. She’s been trying to grow her hair out for a few years. My nephews were divided on the issue; one of them wants shorter hair and the other hates haircuts because he doesn’t want to sit still long enough for them.

I’ve actually been planning on cutting my ridiculously long hair for a while, but that’s more because of something I discovered when I was a teen.

Many salons donate long enough, undyed hair to organizations like Locks of Love. Some salons will even give you the haircut for free. Not all of them, but some and even if they don’t, I’ve found that I like to donate. I’ve never cared all that much about hair, as long as it’s clean and out of my face I’ve been fine with it.  There are, of course, different non-profits (http://charity.lovetoknow.com/Places_to_Donate_Hair) for donating hair and you can really pick which you like so long as you meet the requirements (which only change the length of donated hair and how it’s been treated or permed or dyed or what have you.)

Either way, this weekend I’ve got to make an appointment for a hair cut. Whether the donation makes it free or not I like to donate because then the hair is being used and I was just going to throw it away anyway. (shrugs)

I’m only an aunt

A hand wrapped around my finger,
A walk that’s more a dance.
A cheerful smile when changing a foul diaper.
Won’t sleep unless they are with you.
Somehow manage to bring up enough fluid,
It covers you completely yet misses the couch.
“Again! Again!”
They want you to swing them just one more time.
Never enough energy to keep up.
Loves the cat, sentiment not returned,
In spades.
Chases and holds and ignores the scratches anyway.
You hold more than just a future in your hands,
You hold a life that trusts and trusts and trusts.
There is nothing more beautiful and yet terrifying
Then the moment when you know you’re lost.
It can drive you crazy.
No, it WILL drive you crazy.
You want to keep them locked up tight.
Never let a hint of the world in.
Somehow this will happen,
It will happen more than once.
But only if you are lucky (unlucky) enough.
I’m not even a mother.
I’m only an aunt.

Not written for a prompt at all. Written as the only way to get anything out after finding out my eldest niece almost accidentally electrocuted herself while listening to her iPod in the shower. I never want to know what it’s like to crack open a door to check on someone (she always forgets to make sure she has a towel) and find an plugged in electronic in a large puddle of water.

It was funny in the movies and in the cartoons. I think it will be a while before I find it funny again.