Forever and a Day

Together, forever, no matter how long
From now until the end of time
We’ll be together and you can be sure
That forever and a day
That’s how long we’ll stay
Together and forever more.
–John Loeffler

It’s been a year and a day since my little sister, the baby girl in our family, put on her white dress, pulled her hair up in curls, curled her hand around our father’s arm and walked down the aisle.

A year and a day since she put aside our father’s name for a new one.

Since her life changed more than any of us ever imagined as children.

She’s still happier than I’ve ever seen her in our entire lives.

He’s still glowing whenever he talks about her.

Since he watched her walk closer to him.

A year and a day since he shared his home and name.

It’s been a year and a day since my new brother, whose just two months older than me, put on his vest and tie, combed his hair just right, stood still with his best friend at his side and watched his future enter the room.

No matter where our destiny leads
I’ll be there for you, always come through
And that you can believe.
–John Loeffler


Mary smiled as she leaned her head up against Warren’s shoulder, allowing him to lead them slowly across the dance floor.

It was a small ceremony followed by an even smaller reception. Neither of them really had family. Well, that wasn’t strictly true.

Alex watched his ‘little’ sister dance her first dance with her new husband. It had probably been the happiest moment in his life to walk her down the aisle and hand her over to Warren to become his wife.

The sound of the rain on the windows just helped add to the mythical feel of the day ending.

Inspired from the FreeWriteFriday prompt from last week:

It’s a quiet day today, it feels like it should be raining…

True Beauty

Run around, make sure everything is picked up,

Get the dresses, get the tables, get the bows.

Take three different takes to get your eyes on,

End up not using the same colors for everything.

Are the dresses here?

Are they clean?

Do we have the arch and the aisle lined up just right?

Did you get the licence?

Did you get your shoes?

He gets suited up,

She slips her dress on,

Hair pressed just right.

Take her father’s arm for the last time.

Music starts,

Everyone stands up.

Try not to cry,

Cry anyway.

Do you take this man?

I do.

Do you take this woman?

I do.

My baby sister got married yesterday. Everyone woke up early and stayed late to clean up. We started at 7 and ended at 9. A few things went wrong, but they will never be remembered. All I will ever think of is how resplendent my sister looked with her hands in her husbands as they exchanged rings for the first and the last time. They were so beautiful together and so very happy in their first dance.

Two Days and Counting

Two days and counting.

Time’s almost up,

But are we ready?

I don’t know, but I’ll try.

You’re almost there,

Two days and counting.

Your wedding bells will ring.

But are you ready?

Yes, and you’ll try.

Time’s almost up,

Your dress is cleaned and pressed.

Two days and counting,

You’ll start a new life.

Husband and wife, they’ll say


Two days and counting.

My sister’s wedding day is Friday and several houses are full of things for the ceremony and the reception. I can’t seem to get the phrase ‘two days and counting’ out of my head. I’ve never seen her so happy.

Bridal Shower

Well, we’re in countdown people. The wedding will take place in exactly nine days.

That’s less than one and a half weeks.

She’s going to be married to someone she used to chase around with a stick, but he chased right back once he found a bigger stick. They’d go back and forth like that for a while.

Her best friend since 2nd grade threw the bridal shower. It was Halloween themed and was probably the coolest bridal shower I’ve ever attended. Keep in mind that the last bridal shower I attended I was something like 14 years old and still thought that they were boring. I think the best part of the shower was seeing how happy my sister was.

Life hasn’t always been kind to her, but I think it finally took a good long hard look at her and decided that she deserved better as long as she was willing to take the chance on him. It’s pretty much the same for him. They both took a risk on one another and I don’t think I’ve ever seen them happier.

I think that old saying is right.

You should marry someone who you love, but also someone who can become your best friend.

Invitations to a new life

Every step in putting together this wedding brings it home to me more and more. The last two sibling weddings that I took part in, it wasn’t…I don’t want to say real, but I can’t think of another word for it. Maybe it’s because this time it’s not one of my older siblings getting married, it’s my baby sister getting married.

This is the young woman who used to beat me up and made me the ‘Queen of Bruises” for the majority of elementary school. This is the young woman who stopped other school bullies from beating me up because she didn’t want to share.

This is the young woman who helped me chase our dog all over our neighborhood and then the one across a main street because he had decided that we weren’t getting enough exercise. He’d run home and wait for us on the front lawn. We actually ran past her future husband’s house every time our dog ran in his neighborhood. (Which was something like twice a week during the school year and almost once a day during the summer.)

This is the young woman who I’ve lived with almost my entire life save for about six months worth and now she’s going to get married and live somewhere else. I won’t see her everyday. She’ll still be close by and within easy walking distance with only one major road and some trax lines between us. But he makes her so happy and she makes him so happy and together they make a kind of sense that I haven’t often seen in the people that I’ve actually known throughout my life.

This whole line of reasoning and thought came because we spent this morning getting her wedding invitations ready to mail out tomorrow. She’ll be a married woman exactly one month from today.


My second eldest sister was going to make our youngest sister’s dress from scratch. Not unusual in our family; of four weddings in our family only one didn’t have a dress made by family. She is also the only one of us to elope while living in another state, which may have had something to do with it.

The only downside is that we aren’t able to afford the making of the wedding dress from scratch completely. On the upside, one of us found a practically new wedding dress at a nearby re-use store (DI) that was only $35 dollars. It fit almost perfectly and only needs a bit of cleaning as it doesn’t have hardly any spots and no damage to the dress from anything else. Sami also loves the dress which is the best part.

So, watching Julia fit the dress to Sami in case there needs to be any adjustments. there will only be a few, up at the shoulders.

This is heaven sent for us.

It’ll still be cheaper to make all the bridesmaids dresses by hand, though. The cloth we found was practically a steal and we already had the pattern as well as the machines.

But the bride is happy and the dressmaker isn’t exhausted.

Wedding News

My younger sister is getting married in November and many of our family are helping to make this wedding possible. Sam has placed different family members in charge of this or that in creating the ceremony and the reception. My job in it? I’m the wedding coordinator.

In my sister’s words, “Martha, you’re really good at organizing things and you know what I like.”

My reaction?

“You just threw me to the wolves that are our other sisters who love romantic stuff.”

Anyway, things are progressing well and it looks like things are coming together for everyone for the most part. Now that I have said that, I know that something is going to go wrong and in a quite spectacular way.

Ah well, life’s supposed to be about keeping us on our toes.