To Be Human Again – Thankful Thursday

I thought about the different things that need to be done around the house (and out on the farm itself), but I was sick for most of December and then for the first week or so of January. I’m not sick anymore and I’ve mostly recovered from being sick (the recovery is always the worse because everything has to…I want to say reboot, but that’s not the right word. Renormalize? I don’t know.)

Anyway, so I’m grateful that I’m not sick and that I’m not tired from being sick and actually had the energy to clear off the table yesterday and make dinner (we’ve been living off ramen, because I was sick and then Julia was sick and then everyone but the youngest was sick…)

You don’t know just how much you miss being able to do anything other than read and stare off into space and occasionally write something until you can’t do it.

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What’s in a Window Well?

What will you find in here?
Inside there is a treasure trove of things.
Now don’t forget that there are dangers as well.
Do be cautious when climing on through
Or you might be surprised by a spider with red on her back.
Without gravel to kill it quick, you’ll be singing in a high pitch.
Try to be curious while being sensible.
Well, don’t forget the moments of childhood with these;
Ever had to learn the difference between poppy leaves and mint?
Let me give you a clue if you’re unlucky enough, ignore the fuzz.
Left of the window well of my childhood, lay the garden of herbs.

Written as a response to this week’s FreeWriteFriday:

Also, listening to my niece and nephews do their housework and yard work. They’ve been cleaning out the window wells these past few days and it reminded me of the window wells around my childhood home.