Fresh Out of Clover – One-Liner Wednesday

I figure whenever you’re down and out the only way is up! –from Wild Cat

This has been going through my head as of late. It’s a line that I sang to audition for a school musical back in high school one year (and then we moved and so it didn’t matter in the end). And it’s right, when you’re down in the dirt and muck and feeling bruised and broken and that you can sink no lower…you can only go up.

So why don’t you pick yourself up, clean yourself off, heal up (slowly, so excruciatingly slowly) and move up?

While it’s true that you’ll never be quite who you were before, that doens’t have to be a bad thing. Change doens’t have to be bad for even the worst damage can bring out the most beautiful parts of a piece or art that you didn’t even know where there until you start to clean it up.

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