I’m only an aunt

A hand wrapped around my finger,
A walk that’s more a dance.
A cheerful smile when changing a foul diaper.
Won’t sleep unless they are with you.
Somehow manage to bring up enough fluid,
It covers you completely yet misses the couch.
“Again! Again!”
They want you to swing them just one more time.
Never enough energy to keep up.
Loves the cat, sentiment not returned,
In spades.
Chases and holds and ignores the scratches anyway.
You hold more than just a future in your hands,
You hold a life that trusts and trusts and trusts.
There is nothing more beautiful and yet terrifying
Then the moment when you know you’re lost.
It can drive you crazy.
No, it WILL drive you crazy.
You want to keep them locked up tight.
Never let a hint of the world in.
Somehow this will happen,
It will happen more than once.
But only if you are lucky (unlucky) enough.
I’m not even a mother.
I’m only an aunt.

Not written for a prompt at all. Written as the only way to get anything out after finding out my eldest niece almost accidentally electrocuted herself while listening to her iPod in the shower. I never want to know what it’s like to crack open a door to check on someone (she always forgets to make sure she has a towel) and find an plugged in electronic in a large puddle of water.

It was funny in the movies and in the cartoons. I think it will be a while before I find it funny again.