Something in the Wind

She moved around the small house, the walls told of so many memories, both good and bad. Things had happened here and she had been there when they had. Now the house stood empty and desolate, the walls slowly crumbling yet happier then they had ever been whole.

The wind blew through the open doorway and a chill settled over her. She pulled her coat closer around her and turned to leave.

“I’ll never forget you…”

She stopped, but didn’t turn back, her lip trembling. No tears fell and she continued on her way.

The past had already left.

Written for the Friday prompt from Light and Shade Challenge:

This afternoon is a rather melancholy one for me for some reason. Though it has not been unpleasant, rather it has been very thoughtful in its own right.

It just feels like there’s something in the wind today…



She screamed out her anger, her rage and her grief.

The winds ripped around her, destroying whatever they could grasp in their wispy fingers and shredding anything that stood against them. Ice spiked out from her and were reduced to hard needles in the whirlwind.

She doesn’t look up to view the destruction she has caused, is causing. She doesn’t care.

In her arms lies her child, his eyes blank and his features slack.

Rigor mortis has not set in yet.

Written because when I’m tired and my head aches a certain way, this scene will not go away.

This was also written quite a bit ago and couldn’t decide if it would settle itself into my Former Guardian universe or not. It just sort of floats around my head from time to time and is incredibly depressing.