Glimmering Dreams

Out of all of the dreams I had as a child there is really only one thing that has come to pass.

I always wanted to write and have people read my stories.

So thank you, everyone who has ever read any of my work here. You have made a childhood dream come true for me.

Don’t give up
Reality changes faster than you think
Even when you think you’ve lost
All around your dreams have fallen
Most of the shards scattered
So it takes you by surprise when they glitter where they’ve hung all along.

I still love to read and write, but having others read and give me feedback on what I have written has really helped me. Thank you everyone.

This was thought about because of Dungeon Prompt: Childhood Dreams.


Bookish Reminiscence – SoC

When I was in elementary school a friend of mine started a book. It was one of those ‘bunch of kids meet in a small town, something magical happens and they end up in another world where they have to band together to survive and defeat the bad guy.’ She had several different characters and let a few of her friends design them. I was one of those friends and my character’s name was Crystal Star and her color palate was very icy.

I was in an icy mood when my friend asked me to make that character, so sue me.

Anyway, after a while she lost interest in it, but I hadn’t lost interest and asked if I could finish the story for her. She agreed and let me have all of what she’d written thus far.

I am still working on that story. Don’t go back and try and edit any of your work until you’ve actually finished it.

Someday I will finish it. Someday.

The title that she first gave it was “Elements” which is why I was reminded of it when I read about the prompt for Stream of Consciousness this weekend.


Finally I have found my place
Or has it found me?
Reading and writing have ever been my escape.
What are you selling?
Silently, yet with presence, words have come.
Another day has come and gone
Little did I know that this is what would be done.
Even should I only have a piece of paper and a pen.
Well, what are you buying?
For often it is only for a little while;
Only for today will I use this.
Ready or not, the ideas will come.
Please don’t feed the plot bunnies.
Reality is fluid, but only for a moment.
Even still I put my pen to the paper
Not yet knowing what words will flow.
Thinking that once written, they will leave me be.
They don’t need any help!

Written for this week’s DungeonPrompt:

Also, in a it of an homage to a story that was supposed to be a one off several years ago, but then was fed by reviewers on another site. That story is still going strong and I wonder how it went from a short little introspective piece to an actual plot line.


That One Time Productions – Day Ten

Come one come all!
You’ve never seen
The likes of which we’ve ever been!
Words and pictures finally unite!
That One Time Productions is almost on the scene.

Written for today’s offering for NaPoWriMo:

Also, one of my sisters and I are finally collaborating on a project together. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for years. She draws and I write and we’ve both been working on different projects since grade school with our chosen medium, but rarely (if ever) have we done a project together.

I’ll probably write more about this the farther we get in the project.

More Than One Choice – Day Eight

What to do today?
Should I while the day away?
Should I buckle down and type away?
Should I choose instead to clean all day?
Or may-hap travel ’round the town instead?
One way leads to relaxation galore,
Another to hair-pulling and plots I adore.
Yet the third will bring peace and zen still more.
The last brings adventures that will ne’er bore.
Which path shall I take?
Each will bring with it rewards,
Whether I weed amongst flowers
Or mentally cross a ford.
Yet again there is the satisfaction brought
With whatever I decide.
They say that two roads will diverge in a wood,
But that is not quite right.
There are more than just two paths
Before my sight.
And maybe the choices will all cross in the end.

Written for today’s NaPoWriMo Prompt:

I chose to try and write a different version and yet still tip my hat to Robert Frost’s The Road Not Taken.


I’m told that you’re not a real writer until you’ve received your first rejection letter. In this day and age it’s more likely to be a rejection email, but I’m pretty sure the same sentiments still apply. There’s always posting on the internet or just sticking to writing fanfiction, but writing your own work and sending it in to someone is very nerve wracking.

You may never sell anything, but at least you took the chance and sent something in and maybe you will get published for having the guts to send off a piece of your soul for someone else to look at and judge its worthiness.

I actually feel better now that I’ve received an answer rather than just waiting for any kind of response. Hopefully future endeavors will go better.