Hundreds mourn Regina teen’s death online

When I was in elementary school we heard about the Y2K bug and how it was going to cause all kinds of problems. This might be the real internet disease of our world.

Traces of the Soul


Hundreds mourn Regina teen’s death online

Such a sad loss.

Another class

of peers,  students

so-called friends


obsessed fanatical

spreading tales impudent

like a daily periodical

fraught with rumours


gnawing, bullying

on social networks

impudent stories

tormented compulsively

she lamented effusively

… relenting

she just could

no longer endure

the pain, the suffering…

surrendered to ensure

ending this ache,

so sad, unfortunate…

such a tragic loss.

Thinking, praying

for Savy Turcotte

her family and friends

for such a  heartbreak

their  hearts filled with despair …

let us send warm thoughts and prayers

to help soothe this grief

as they mourn this child, .

Whispering Insights, October 29, 2013

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