Not Static

Can’t decide to survive
Halting everything in their stride
Only looking through my eyes
Isn’t it draining, all those lies?
Cheerfully unknowing whats inside
Especially when choosing to deride

We all have those moments where we say things because we aren’t thinking and are just reacting. It’s actually something I was talking about with my sister’s youngest. We can both have explosive tempers, but once we’re wound down, we always feel regret for how we have acted.

But just as we chose to speak when we really shouldn’t have, we can also choose to learn how to control that impulse.

We are who we choose to be. Choose. -Hogarth, Iron Giant

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Surprise! – Thankful Thursday

When you’re having a down day
I know what you need
A kitten running at speed

So Little Brother (the runt of my  nephew’s cat’s litter who is the loudest kitten I have ever lived with. And that’s saying something) likes to go at breakneck speeds all over the house and tries to run through furniture instead of over or around it like his brothers. He almost made it through the chair I’m sitting on, but his back legs got caught and he just kind of hung there for a moment as if he couldn’t understand how this had happened.

It was hilarious.

(Don’t worry, he wasn’t hurt.)

So today I’m grateful for that silly little kitten.

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Be My Friend? – Wordless Wednesday

image: Jackdaw and Vincent; from martha0stout’s phone

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Humble though many may seem
Until into others they ream
Making sounds and noises bleed
Annotating with terrible glee
Never taking a moment to breathe


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I’m Trying to Sleep – Silent Sunday

image: Iris; from martha0stout’s phone

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If you don’t think you can handle another person’s opinions on a fictional character in a healthy and respectful manner, then you may want to skip this one. –SliceofOtaku, YouTuber

There comes a point
Rocking your perception
Installing your fears
Giving way to aggression
Going quickly to tears
Even as you see your trangression
Reality turning its gears

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Evidently Not

How can you claim to uphold the law
Only to throw it away?
Reality is that it was a crime
Respect gone in less than a day
One would think it was more important
Real life shouldn’t work this way

Recently discovered something that shook me in a way that hasn’t ever been done before. I can’t even do more than just think about it and it hasn’t really processed all the way yet.

I was just looking through the news while waiting for the laundry to be done when I came upon this article.

All I can think of is how this doesn’t constitute a felony or anything because it was literal destruction of police evidence.

I-I have to go. My hands are just shaking too much.

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