Take What You Can Get – Thankful Thursday

For all that Vincent likes to chew up our shoes (we’ve lost at least ten so far and not all from the same pair…), he doesn’t chew on any of our power cords.

For that, I am grateful.

Check out the original Thankful Thursday. (Will update link at some point in my life.)

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Doors Open, Spooks Come Out – Wordless Wednesday


image: from martha0stout’s phone

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Hidden Capacity

The Greater our sorrow, the greater our capacity for joy.

You can never see what He sees in you until the very end and then you will know that He knew what He was doing.

That doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt while He’s shaping us, while He’s helping us to bring out the beauty that lies hidden within each of us.

But know that you don’t have to feel that pain alone. You don’t have to walk that path alone.

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Adulting Mess – Not Really A One-liner Wednesday

That horrible moment when your mom moves in with another sibling for the first time in forever (no, really, she’s never lived away from me or Julia for more than a week or a month at the most) and you realize that you have some serious stepping up to do in adulting.

Seriously, it was kind of frightening to realize…

I just noticed that it is Monday and not Wednesday.

Well, this is a great beginning for the week.

(laughs at self) Well I’m still posting this today because it was written for today even if today isn’t really Wednesday for a One-Liner Wednesday. (You can still go check them out, there are some pretty interesting ones over at the original site.)

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Good Neighbor

The girl in the hall
Alone and feeling small
You greet with a smile
Like you’ve known her a while

The woman at church
Pale and shaking with a lurch
Haven’t seen her all week
Because of the fear that she’s weak

The mother at the store
Children crying, her arms sore
You try to help them smile
Knowing it will stop the tears for a while

The boy lost in the world
Where everything’s a whirl
Not knowing where to turn
To ease the pain, the burn

The teen glaring at the book
Unsure of where to look
To find the help needed
To work the problem without concedin’

The older man sitting alone
Left behind by those once known
Years weighing down, down, down
No one left to flip his frown

Who is my neighbor
They asked with a sneer
Asking the Man whose labor
Would bring them to God, near

Those who you’d help
Would be those who yelp
Whether quietly and still
Or loud and with will

For though we are strangers
In life there are many dangers
So together we must walk
Help others and not balk

For more than once, I know
We’ll all need a neighbor in tow
To reach out a shaking hand
Not sure of where we stand

But hold out a hand they do
Knowing that we need help, too
So our neighbor they will be
For they heard, “Help me.”

This was inspired not by any one event, but several that I have had, seen, or read about throughout my life.

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Clean and Smudged – SoCS

When you are sick, ill, mad
Whatever it is that stands
Between you and the world
There is a screen,
A filter, a glass
That obscures everything
And nothing at all
You see the world
In all it’s glory
Sharp and stark
Prickly and tearing
Soft and smudged
Watery and running
Nothing is ever the same again

Here is my part for Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Screen.

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Warmth Cuts Through – Thankful Thursday

This morning I am grateful for wood stoves and curtains because I am sick and both are keeping me (and my sister) nice and toasty warm.

(crawls back under her quilt by the dog)

Check out the original Thankful Thursday. (This week’s version might not be up for a few days or so as I am going to sleep and do laundry and precious little else today other than read.)

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