Tell Us a Story!

“Why do you hunt pirates?”

“Is it full of adventure, your life?”

“What are they like? Do they all have eye patches!”

“Do you do it for their gold?”

“Tell us! Tell us!”

He chuckled deeply as the small children continued to hound him with questions about his chosen path. He didn’t have the heart to tell them that pirates were nothing like their fairy tale counterparts. They were a lot more dangerous and a lot more prone to killing than small children who didn’t know any better would ever believe.

image: British Library from Roving Jack the Pirate Hunter, published 1867, a romance

Silly little thing that went a little darker at the end. This was inspired by the picture for the Friday prompt from Light and Shade Challenge and this time I kept within the word limit! (looks very pleased with herself)


About martha0stout

I like to read and write and hang out with my family and friends. I currently live on a farm and all that such a living entails.
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12 Responses to Tell Us a Story!

  1. joetwo says:

    He child’s view and reality are often in conflict. Good one!


  2. Well done, it remained quite innocent until the end when as you say it became a bit dark, but still very nice. 🙂


  3. Colin says:

    I agree with joetwo. You capture the conflict between a child’s view and reality nicely.


  4. yarnspinnerr says:

    Pirates are truly fascinating to children. Great job.


  5. Ally says:

    Plenty of light and shade in this.


    Ally 🙂


  6. Tara R. says:

    It’s not all Peter Pan and Hook. I liked the use of the children’s questions at the beginning, it was a creative device.


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