Connected Internet – Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for high speed internet. I hadn’t realized just how much of it my family uses until this last week. We are moving out into a more rural area and so won’t have the same kind of access as we’ve been enjoying for the majority of my niece’s and nephews’ lives. We’ll still have it, but it won’t be anywhere near what they’ve grown up with.

So think about it sometimes. There is so much at our very fingertips (literally) that we don’t really think about it until it’s not going to be there anymore.

I’ll still be able to do my blog, but it’ll be handled differently. How differently I don’t quite know just yet, but I am thankful for the time with this kind of internet that I’ve had.

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15 thoughts on “Connected Internet – Thankful Thursday

  1. Ha, now you too will suffer the incomunication of living in an area with low access internet. You will suffer and stare at a page loading for 5 minutes which obviously slows all what you want to do in a great deal, I just spend 10 days without internet living where I live, so you too now will suffer!!! 😉

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  2. I can sympathize with you on this one. Where I currently live, when I first moved there, only dial-up internet was available, while 5 miles away you could get cable or DLS. It is a tough thing to deal with after having high speed internet. Best of luck to you.

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    • Aye, I’m actually one of the luckier ones in my family because I don’t stream or use games that require constant internet access, though it means that I will have to manage my blog differently and that is a huge change for me.


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