Makes No Sense – Day Twenty-Three

All hit door got mote ick hit verily then
Want hit verily then can’t ken greens.
Ick, hoop that hit door got,
Want the verb lip plates is on windy bar,
the landing’s plates are going to end,
The going swan of hunt hold.

All hit door got come hit.

…that makes no sense, but I followed the instructions for today’s NaPoWriMo prompt:

tilts head

Not sure what any of what I wrote means, but the original poem was lovely:

3 thoughts on “Makes No Sense – Day Twenty-Three

  1. Your ‘gibberish’ and my ‘gibberish’ from today are closely related gibberish-language wise… Afrikaans and Dutch are pretty closely related, so I can relate (hahaha) to your problems… Regardless of the gibberish, and how hard it actually is for the brain to take in what must be a poem but makes no sense, I liked this!


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