Beams in Place

The house went up slowly, the beams being placed in the exact position they would have been should the original house have never gone up in flames. The windows put in looked the same as the ones that had been shattered or warped by the heat, but they were far more energy efficient. Everything about the house looked the same way it had looked when she’d been growing up, but made with better materials wherever able.

“If you’re going to do something and you can then you should do it well.”

That was something that her father had always said. She had taken it to heart for more than just her own life choices. She had gone through college, given everything she had, which was only what she had on her towards making a better life for herself and any family that she might have later in her life.

As she gazed up at the house that she had rebuilt using the money she had earned with her degree. She placed a hand on her slightly swelling belly and smiled up at her husband as he waved down from the roof where he was assisting in putting new shingles on.

This is a little sequel thing to Rebuilding the Ruins that I wrote at the end of November. It was inspired by this week’s Light and Shade Challenge picture.


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