Can’t Bury Another

Why should I continue this ruse?
Isn’t there more to life than just this?
Letting go of this life
Losing you, to keep you alive

Now that I see that you will not move on
Only way to not bury you is
To leave before you’re cold in the ground

I hadn’t wanted to watch the third in the Batman Begins movies because I’d heard that Alfred leaves. I love Alfred and it only occurred to me after learning about this one fact that this trio of movies, no matter how awesome they were, took Alfred’s awesomeness (he’s the one that taught Bruce Wayne hand to hand and all that other stuff) and gave it to Ras Al Ghul. Y’know, that creepy guy who showed up in his daughter’s body in Batman: Beyond?

It’s a really good take on Batman, I’ll give them that, but the Alfred fangirl in me just threw a tantrum that was kind of epic (and migraine inducing) when she realized this.

That being said, after watching the scene (and the lead up to it) for the moment when Alfred jumps ship in the last movie for this trilogy I could actually understand it.

(The Alfred fangirl in me is ignoring the rest of me and trying to burn the movie boxset, though.)


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