Little Dandelion – Traces Prompt #9, Light and Shade

He offered her a dandelion plant in a small pot. He was aware that she studied the language of flowers greatly and her eyes were slightly angry when they met his. He smiled and handed her a small envelope along with the pot before he hugged her, kissed her on the cheek and left for work.

It was her birthday and she loved plants. He always gave her something for her garden as they rarely had any in the house, small as it was.

She sat, the hated flower sitting next to her and opened the envelope. Inside was a simple card that said the following:

My darling wife,
I know that you will see this flower and think of its meaning, a dalliance, a trifling flirtation. That is not what I mean when I see this flower.
I think of you.
I think of your tenacity. Your inability to give up. You see something that needs to be fixed and even if it is not initially your problem, you try to fix it. You listen to people no matter who they are or where they come from. You care about them even if you will never meet them again.
To me, you are a little dandelion who sees a crack in the pavement where there is nothing but grey walls and parched dirt and think, “There! That is the perfect place for me to begin bringing a little cheer and color to this place.”  You will slowly send out seeds and spread the cheery yellow happiness of life whenever you are able to do so.
So do not look at this little flower that is often thought off as a weed or nothing more than a dalliance. Look at it and see how eager it is to spread a little life where there is only desolation.
All my love.

She wiped the tears from her eyes and looked up at the little potted plant.

She smiled.

This was written for two different prompts, but it is only because of both of them that I was able to write this story. Thank you for the Traces Prompt, Olianna and thank you for the Light and Shade Challenge, Lyssa and Thomas.


20 thoughts on “Little Dandelion – Traces Prompt #9, Light and Shade

  1. Martha, you have so totally outdone yourself here. What a beautiful story with such profound meaning. Since it is already on my blog, I will come back to ask permission to reblog it on another blog I have. I will email you with the details. Just lovely…brought tears to my eyes too…such depth!


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  3. Martha this is sweet and wonderfully written. You have created something amazing and woven it around a dandelion. Great stuff and I love wild flowers.

    Ally 🙂


  4. What a lovely story and woven so well around the prompt! I’d have never been able to think around the photo like this. Thanks for the story!


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  6. I love that included a letter in this wonderful story. It’s one of my favorite types of writing and, from my own experience, its not always easy to write a letter in a story. You have to think about what a letter can include and what it wouldn’t include. In this regard, you did a great job.

    Plus, who couldn’t smile after reading this story. It’s Friday and I needed a smile today. Thank you for writing this story and giving me one:~)

    p.s. I agree with her husband about dandelions! Sara Healy


  7. To have someone see us for who we are truly are is a gift beyond compare. It is priceless in this world and time of measuring everything with what it’s worth.

    It was beautiful, rich with an introspective voice and it was sweet, simple and ordinary in an extraordinary way.



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