BAM! Out of Nowhere

Have you ever been walking along, la-dee-da, everything’s going fine when-


You’re hit with this long complicated scene for either a story you’ve had going for a while or one that you didn’t even know was percolating in the back of your head.

And here’s me walking the dog with no notebook in sight and at least half an hour (if I’m lucky) before I’ll be home.


7 thoughts on “BAM! Out of Nowhere

    • It varies. Sometimes I’ll remember it in bits and pieces, but other times different scenes from different stories will fuse together. Sometimes that works out for the better. Other times…not so much.


  1. This happens too often with me, and I don’t really go anywhere, I just have a thought then *poof* it’s gone. I’ve learned to let it go, not get stressed out by it. If it was meant to be it will come back to me later.

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