Herd Dog – Thankful Thursday

So, went to let my dog out this morning and discovered that five of our ten doe rabbits had escaped from their large kennel. The door hadn’t been shut al the way and they had wedged themselves out. Vincent had chased two of them back into the garage that the rabbits live in (it doesn’t hold any cars or car stuff, it just holds rabbits, hay and other animal feed, don’t worry). One of them kept running in and out of the garage and he’d chase her back in whenever she’d run out.

He doesn’t bite them or anything, just herds them back towards the garage and then to one of the corners in the garage so I can pick them up by their scruff and cuddle them before putting them back in their kennel.

Only found four of them, but that’s more than I had hoped for when I realized how many were missing and the fact that they’ve had over four hours of being out of their kennel alone outside.

So today, I’m grateful that the rabbits stayed close enough by that Vincent was able to herd them back to the garage and I’m grateful that Vincent has learned to herd rabbits. (Because he has, be can herd rabbits, but not goats, for some reason…)

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Even now I plot my path

So they can surely learn my wrath!

Can’t keep me locked up tight

And spend my time as I like…

Perhaps I’ll forgive them soon,

Especially while I have my own room.

image: Jack, from martha0stout's phone

image: Jack, from martha0stout’s phone

My nephew came downstairs to this view. Jack had escaped his temporary cage and gone to see the girls.


He doesn’t look in the least bit apologetic. If anything he looks like he’s thinking, “Couldn’t you have left a bigger crack in their roof like mine?”

He can breathe in his little tub, don’t worry. We don’t snap the lids on or anything like that. Doing so would knock his water down anyway.

The poem is just a silly little thing that popped up after I was looking at the pictures again.

I actually found this post when I was going through drafts a while back and realized I hadn’t ever put it up! This was back before we’d been able to get cages for them setup for the first week that we had the rabbits.