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Reactions – One-Liner Wednesday

(falls over hilariously) Gah! (is caught by lanky nephew who smirks) So, I have this cold, but my body responds to illnesses weirdly. Instead of running any fevers, I go hypothermic and drop to dangerous levels for my body temp. … Continue reading

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Teleporting Dog – One-Liner Wednesday

Vincent how did you get he-you’re to small to be my dog. My thought process when I came to spend a week with my nest oldest sister. She has a long-hair black cat named Elphaba who likes to sprawl under … Continue reading

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Sleepy Time Adventures – One-Liner Wednesday

I know people talk in their sleep (my third eldest sister and her college roommate had long conversations into the night. I know, I was there on some weekends to visit. There was no sleep those nights), but my dog … Continue reading

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No Treats For You! – One-Liner Wednesday

I just wanted to finish one half of my twin popsicle by myself instead of having to defend it from three kittens, one surprisingly agile granny cat, and one large dog. Seriously, I just wanted a chance to eat my … Continue reading

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Dinner Time! – One-Liner Wednesday

Of course it tastes good; I made it! That was my sister’s youngest boy, Cory. He likes to cook and is actually pretty good at it. He takes after her, but manages to learn from her past cooking mistakes in … Continue reading

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Ferocious or Fearful? – One-Liner Wednesday

Got a new kitten, met him when I found him trying to sneak into the rabbit pen, bit through my fingernail when I picked him up. Seriously, though, Locutis bit right through my pointer fingernail and it’s still healing. He’s … Continue reading

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Not Mutually Exclusive – One-Liner Wednesday

Just because you don’t trust someone doesn’t mean you don’t care about them. Something I realized while watching a show with my niece. Check out the original One-Liner Wednesday.

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